Traces of a Fair Day

(Every February, the University of the Philippines or UP celebrates its annual school fair. UP's famous Sunken Garden is the venue for the said event. The University Fair serves as break for the students from hustle of university life. The fair showcases a lot of attractions. Probably even a venue for hooking up.)

The Sunken Garden is pretty much empty. Traces
of a week-long feast are scattered on the grass. As a
broken heart regress for this love untold, I came
to this place where we once sat.

The serenading voice that kindles love, it's a song
mirroring the intense feeling of passion. More than
what I am looking for in a while, more than music,
but everlasting memory.

The walks and the talks. Indeed a dream! A dream
written and painted on destiny's palm. The view
of the fair grounds within distance, sitting together
in wrapped endearment.

But, four days have passed since hearing the voice. Voice
that awakens beauty in my weary soul. As hopes
of kissing his lips blow away like sand, these tears,
reality's needles caress my face.

Entrancing face, my heart bears your name. Name
of passion echoing right through me. As the emotions
of this queer appease with time, echoes shout pain,
an utmost cry of grief.

How long shall my grieving heart weep? Cry
for this love of the voice inscribed within? Will
his love be more than a lingering memory? And
will I hope for nothing?

This empty heart looks beyond. With hopes that in
someway love ceases to be hidden beneath. As noise
of chirping birds shatters silence, a broken destiny
of you and me wounds the heart.

Blown by the wind, I stand up and pick up bits. The bits
of love flawed implicitly, bruised immensely. Wings
devoid of mercy, nothing but reality, memory burns:
set me, please set me free.

The sunken garden is pretty much empty. Traces of a
week-long feast was left. As traces of trash lined up the street
lines of the face, echoes of the voice, bits of memory trace
an implied love once on a fair day.