Only human

Written by Kacey07

There you are,

Hanging out with her again.

It's like I'm invisible,

It's like you're dating

But then again,

I'm only human.

We all make mistakes.

But is this a mistake?

Are you two really dating?

Am I just the girl next door?

I guess I could suppose all of these things,

But then again,

I'm only human.

You hang out,

They laugh,

Rumors prancing around.

I can't take it!

I scream

I'm only human!

Do you expect me to survive all these rumors?

All these lies?

All of these feelings?

I can't take it anymore!

It's been going on since fifth grade!

It's getting old.

It's getting frustrating.

I'm only human!

Can't you see?

I can't deal with all the pressure.

I can't deal with all the stress!

It's eighth grade now,

Far too long.

We haven't spoken,

Not even a word.

What happened?

Just one simple hug,

And everyone thinks we're dating?

And then you tell me,

Those oh so heart-breaking words,

That no friend wants to hear.

"We can't hang out anymore."

I'm sick of it!

All the tension!

Why can't we go back to being friends?

We were so happy!

I feel like my whole world is crashing down

I'm only human

Can't you see?

Then you have to bring her into the picture

Just try to make me jealous.

It's not my fault that we barely hang out anymore.

It was your choice!

But then again,

We're only humans.

We all make mistakes.

But this one was just too big,

And too heart breaking.

We were the best of friends.

What happened to that?

Why should we let stupid rumors get in the way of our friendship?

We're only humans.

Amd they're only humans.

I'll be waiting

For you to grow up a bit.

Ignore those stupid rumors.

That idiots made them up.

But then again,

They're only human.