Slipping and sliding along fine strings
That hum and ring with every note.
Sweeping emotions roaring with each
Sharp blast, with each great swell.

Rain is splattering against the rooftop,
And I'm hoping that it won't stop.
My feet are warm beneath the blanket
And huge rolls of thunder break the quiet.

I slip earphones on and am swept away
Into a world that was known back in the day.
A world of strings, woodwinds, brass
And the like, more enlightening than any class.

The sounds are warm and clear
And they complement my book while I hear
The beautiful music that is being played
Underneath lashing wind that once made me afraid.

From Allegro, to Andante, and through Scherzo,
I'm stealing your heart.
From the well known "phrase" to the grand finale,
You're mine.

I'm crying to the book and the death,
But the tears are not just caused by Beth.
There's music running through my veins to my heart
And with this I shall never part.

Curling up in the safety net that is innocence
I try to maintain my simple appearance.
Hiding beneath my warmth,
I will honor this music from this day forth.

There are few Little Women
Who have heard the great chord when
The rain came tumbling down among
Lightning and thunder, and loved the song.
But my heart is bursting, and I'm crying for Beethoven.

The piano rises and crashes and the strings hum.
Gentle and sweet I'm enchanting you.
I'm lifting them up and spinning them until
The notes fall away, and are all yours.

Please tell me if it sucks. I've been writing a bunch of these (composer poems and my relationships with them) and I'm thinking to put them up. This means that if you hate it you have to tell me, because I hate making a fool of myself... I happen to like it, but I was also there when it all happened, so...