Taped Black

There shouldn't be any love

It just makes it all so hard

When he thinks he wants her like they are

These harsh words just make him yearn

He's taped black across his chest

Hurtful strikes engage their lusting eyes


He knows it's only fair

That he sees her like she sees him

As willing and begging

But she won't talk like he doesn't dream

He can't just hide everything

She'll find him, yes she will


All these things he keeps inside

Lost in striking skin

Inhale breath with every gaze

Taped black to their sin

It shines so much but takes so much in

It tightens round their bodies again


Maybe if he's lucky he'll dream of her

If he dares he'll see her again

Just clinical in the way it's planned

But the rest is chaos

Passionate with a demanding free

A stay with a known end


He'll have pleasant dreams

He hopes they'll be of her

Of snarls entering his view

His dominance that enters her

And after it won't leave their minds

No matter how hard they try


If only they could see themselves

Taped black with a striking smile

It wasn't hard for them to know

But still they shake

Shaking wild nerves

Relaxation comes, comfort under command


She strips under a desperate eye

He'd lean closer but the tape just holds him back

She makes contact down

He can't see he can only feel

It's the not knowing that drives him mad

The lusting that keeps him alert


That palm graces her thigh

Sharp noise a painful moan

She closes her eyes with pleasure adorned

Adorned with looks and words that flash

A slashing glimpse with punishing words

Neither will ever be allowed to speak


There is so much want

But no demand or plea will be made

Both have the time to find their place

Especially when the moment's over

They may have lost their hearts

But they have time to find their minds