inspired by pages 393 - 395 in American Gods by Neil Gaiman. only nowhere near as cool. even if you don't comment or even read this past the A/N i hope you go out and buy this book and read it. because it is spectacular. and i don't just believe that, i know it.

We start with why and how, proceed to who and then to what; when is only a nicety.

I am a secular, atheist, birth-right Quaker. (By the way, there isn't an actual contradiction within that statement.) I think in metaphor more often than I should and wish that people still spoke in impersonal second person. I do not identify with a particular religion, political party or sexuality; though if I had to choose one, it'd be liberal.

I question things too much, think too much and at the same time, I don't think nearly often enough. I believe that sarcasm is a form of truth almost as painful as truth itself. I believe that truth is something that should be used only in the most desperate of situations as it is a most sharp and dangerous weapon. I think subtlety is a dying art. I believe that music is the best way to see into a soul, even if we don't have souls.

I believe that whether or not light is a wave or a particle doesn't matter, and that perhaps it's all three. I believe that the human mind is unable to comprehend extremes so that we don't become terrified by how insignificant we really are.

I feel that we, as a race, lost something within our selves at the fall of the Roman Empire and that now, even with our advanced technologies (and perhaps especially with them) we are less human.

I believe that there is such a thing as too much tolerance and that to be offended is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be.

I believe that cold is just a state of mind (up to a point) and that learning how to adjust expectations is one of the most important skills a human can learn. I believe that we try to rationalize the animal parts of our behavior and that doing so is both unnecessary and arrogant. I also believe in Darwinism. I believe that humans will either become a genetic dead-end or that something great will try to evolve from us and we will kill it before it gets a chance. I believe in global warming, but only because we are leaving the last Ice Age, not because of the industry we've been producing for 200 years of the Earth's 4.5 billion year life (which is about 0.000005 percent of Earth's life). I think that it is snobbish of humans to believe that we are alone in the universe and that he or she who admits how little we know is truly the wisest of us all.

I believe that a child goes to school to learn about social interactions and that any topic one wishes to know more about should be learned through the library, Wikipedia and experience. I believe that you fight with true friends quite often, and that true friends will fight back.

I believe that water is wet and fire is hot simply because we lack other methods of sensing. I think books are more important than most other materialistic things.

I believe in the force of nature in a way that few other teenagers do these days. The sight of the Milky Way on a cold clear night is almost enough to make me believe in God, though I don't.

I believe in respect, I believe in patience and I believe in the human race in a way that promises nothing. I believe in the cold emptiness of the life that we must all live alone. I believe that dying is like sleeping and that in death, we will finally find peace. I think that God is an attempt to fill the emptiness within us and was created by a very lonely man.

I read about philosophy, religion and chaos theory in my spare time. I've spent years on an Objectivist message board absorbing as much as I can. I would rather not know what to believe than believe something wrong.

I don't believe in me.

But I do believe in you.