And so we live on and on

this world that we cant rise above

oh why god, why

why do you give us pain, why

we love you god

please god

save us from ourselves

trade us like cards for the devil

and please god, please, throw away the shovel

do you see what I see

right there, on this page

the blackness that creeps

oh no, oh no, run away

Run away, run away

What did we do that was so bad

that we have all this, this crap

before our feet upon our shoulders

needless wars and whatnot

the years we suffer, our insecurities

people dying from suicide, rotting away

alone in their graves, so far away

from the light and warmth of day

and we run away, we run away from the truth

the awful, god forsaken truth

that everything isn't the way we want it

Do you see what I see

right here everyday

Blackness is creeping up on us

oh no, oh no, run away

run away, run away

Nobody wants the truth, but what is it

What is the truth that we don't want

everywhere that we deny, we're lost

so forsaken and left in the dust

of another emo song lyric, fading away

so very far away

from ourselves, from our lives

we hide it all so we can live

the daily struggle of those less fortunate

and so we continue

and so we continue...

to live with a lack of a life

Do you see what I see

I see it everywhere, everday

this blackness that won't go away

our lies, our sins, our unforgiven

oh no, oh no, run away now

run away, run away

Run away from the stain