Lifted up by the hands of an angel

A goddess like you has only to ask

Where do the devils like me have to go

Perfect in your grace as I wallow in my stumbling

The princess and the pauper

Forever divided by the lines of society

Where do we belong, if not together

Doomed to obscurity by those that whisper

A fatal chance has lead this dance

That brought us closer, as we dance a pirouette

Seems like fate has lent a helping hand, even though

We find ourselves at opposite sides of the road

A family born to wealth, and you their heir

A family born to poverty and I, their slave

Forever at war, as society breeds

This tangle of illusions, of what has to be

Oh Romeo, you call, fair Juliet

Wherefore art thou

The sun and the moon, together in the sky

Laughing and sharing our deepest secrets

As those that would divide us plan our demise

A fatal chance that's lead this dance

Brought us closer, that night of romance

Even fate has lent it's helping hand

Though we find ourselves fighting against the odds

Oh treachery, this, my beloved lays dead

Cold as the winter snows, lovely still as she always was

Poison to her veins and to my heart

Oh lovely Juliet, for you I make this choice

If not in life are we to be together

Then in death, we shall be closer

And with my hand I lift this dagger

This knife of foul evil and raise it high

And into my own chest, I end my life

But as my spirit rises, I have been befouled!

You weren't dead at all!

Their treachery to keep us apart

Tears at your bleeding heart

And I watch as you make the same decision as I

And bring the dagger down

So we can be together

A fatal chance that lead our dance

Brought us closer than ever dreamt before

Within each other has true love been found

No longer do we fight the odds

Together forever, our destined love.