and so we live, we live, we die

In the end we lie, we lie

oh so we think this is what its about

what we dwell on, what we let go

hurry up, hurry up, do this and that

Think of this, think of that

Hate this person, love them

what to do at the end

We dwell on certain things

why oh why, we dwell, we don't know

for the sake of all things let it go

bastards, bastards, bastards are we

the forgotten sons and daughters of lost culture

and so we go back to the beginning

Aged we are, like fine cheddar

upon deaths door we leave a prayer

don't take me, don't take me

oh god, don't take me

I have so much more to live

but that's a lie, that's a lie

You had your chance, now die

Losing my sense of things

Got the time? I lost my watch

and this pain I hold, it stings

And so I dwell, I dwell, I...

dwell on the past, the future

the things I can't hope to change

this and that and the other thing

sent from hell, sent to heaven

sent to hell and back again

and so I dwell, I dwell, I...

dwell on things not worth dwelling on

losing my sense of things

and so here we are

the children of a lost prophet

giving rise to nothing more than wounded pride

Aged we are, like fine wine

entering onto hells door with a prayer

don't take me, don't take me

oh Satan don't take me

I repent, I repent, I'll change my ways

such a lie, a lie, a lie

and so you die

A martyr without a cause

floating to the debris of another lost soul

and so we dwell, we dwell, we...

dwell on things we can't hope to change

and so our lives will not remain the same

becoming harder, darker

prone to bitterness and so we...


Dwell on the things that went wrong

hoping for one lost shot

at this thing called redemption

in who's eyes, their eyes

too easy to forgive another

too easy to beg forgiveness

forgive yourself, forgive yourself

or else you'll dwell


Dwell on what you shouldn't

And then aged you will be

like a fine cheddar cheese

knocking upon the doors of heaven

saying sir, I think I'm ready

I'm ready, I'm ready

to finally come home to you

to finally, to finally

to finally let go

and so you say

Sir I'm here, I'm here, I'm here

Let me in, judge me, judge me

I have judged myself and

I want to know if I judged right

and I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready...

To finally come home

To finally, finally, finally

Let it all go