Another prologue, sorry! I promise this will be the last, since I've finally sat down and thought about it. No more replacing prologues! -Zak

- P r o l o g u e -

In his eyes a flame flickers.

Perhaps it's out of rage. The eye burns with a fierce glow, and the owner of the said eye—a teenage boy who naturally has a blue eye color—stares into the horizon with a conscious plagued with thought. He knows what's happening around him, and perhaps even more. He is aware of the amount of people that dislike him, and he also knows how many people hate him for what he is—what he might become. Yet, the one thing he is aware of most, is the one thing he doesn't want to be aware of.

There is another boy beside him, with blonde hair and a face with as much anger as his has; yet neither boy wants to look at the other. Nothing is said, yet so much is being spoken between the two. They merely stare forward with gaped mouths and slit eyes, paralyzed to the ground. The tension between them is strong, but it hadn't always been that way; many could and still can contest to the fact that they were once very good friends.

"I'm going in," mutters one boy, and the other frowns.

"Don't," pleads the other. Even though he isn't too pleased with the blonde boy, the boy still expresses a sense of compassion for the boy; he doesn't want to see the boy hurt. Yet the other ignores him, continuing to walk forward into the space before them. "I-I…"

"I'll be fine," the blonde says simply, not turning around to say it to the other boy's face. The first boy stares at his back, watching with saddened eyes as he continues to walk. He wants to do something, yet he can't think of what; he's still frozen, and for some reason he can't will himself to move.

"I don't want you to get hurt…" he whispers as his old friend vanishes out of his sight. "I-I… I love you." And suddenly the anger in his eyes becomes clearly evident. He's mad that someone would be cruel enough to commit the scene before him. He's mad that his old—no, not old—friend doesn't hear his final statement. But what angers him the most is that he can't get himself to step forward and help his friend.

In his eyes a flame flickers. But maybe it's because in his eyes, the boy sees that his house is on fire, and that he's merely watching while his once best friend rescues his sister.

Or maybe... something else?