I miss it

I miss everything

The way you held me

The way you knew me

I moved fast

Tried to forget you

Now I miss what was true

The comfortable presence of what I knew

You may be standing right beside me

But still, it feels as if we are miles apart

Can't you see that it makes me want to flee?

That soon it will drive me mad

This presence of you in my mind

It cuts

For I miss you so much

I think you might, too, but most likely it's just me

You choked in the clutch

We were doing do well

Now you shy away from a simple touch

Am I that forbidden now?

The friend that used to be more

I think I still love you but how

I implore

Do you love me too?

Do you miss me too?

Oh how I long

For that answer to be yes

That you miss all the things I do

Want back all the things I do

So that all this thought

All this emotion

All these feelings of missing you

Are not in vain

If all this is in vain

Tell me there is no hope ever again

Tell me that, it's what I need to hear

You are my best friend

That I always want near

But you need to tell me what you think

Oh, gods, I need to know

I miss you so much

I'm probably turning this into a show

I just need to know

If you also miss me, so

If the answer is no

I'll try and make these feelings just go

But you must know

I miss you so