Chapter 3: The Pursuing Shadow

It was dark, except for a faint red glow.

"They have found a new Blazer, my lord. He could be the one that can destroy us all, as said in your dreams." Said a dark, shadowy voice.

"Are you sure of this, Shoza?" replied a deep, slurring voice.

"Yes, my lord. He defeated one of Sadness' Minions. Pretty fast, too, I must add."

"Then we must make haste. Load the flyers with all the men you have."

"Yes, sir."


The ride to Bake on Skylight was smooth, but Shaku couldn't stop thinking about Rezan. What were they doing on Drobero? Why didn't they just hop on to Skylight with him? What was he doing here? His mind was burning with questions, and all he could do was ponder.

He passed deep space and gazed out at the many stars. It seemed like it was on Koko Villa, only vaster. He passed all sorts of planets, from red ones to orange ones to green ones to blue ones to one particular one in which he had no color description for.

A brown planet approached, and Shaku reasoned that it was Bake. He was right, and pretty soon he landed in another huge temple. Four men were standing there.

"You must be Shaku, am I correct?" One of them asked.

"Yes I am." Shaku replied.

"Hello, and welcome to the world of Bake." He pointed behind him. The whole thing was scorching desert.

"I think I'm supposed to meet a Serian Master." Shaku said carefully.

"Ah, yes. Yokun is waiting for you- "

Everything froze and turned into shades of blue. Shaku looked around wildly, wide-eyed.

"Um, guys?" He tried to see if the four Serian Blazers were really frozen, then sighed.

"Shaku…" whispered a hushed voice.

Shaku looked around, bewildered. He was sure something whispered in his ear, but that couldn't be possible.

Then again, none of this stuff was possible in the first place.

Shaku suddenly thought of Rezan again. The good natured man had told him to tell the Master Rezan sent him. But why? And who was the master? Why was everything frozen and blue?

Shaku had to stop thinking, because it seemed like his thoughts were taking over his mind.

Or maybe they really were…


"Who are you?!" Shaku yelled at nothing in particular.

"Your dreams…I have come back…for YOUR SOUL…"

"What?" Shaku couldn't believe what he just heard. Should he run? Running wouldn't take him anywhere.

"Your soul…your soul…your soul…"

"Stop!" Shaku got his Circle blade ready. He didn't really know how to use the thing, but nothing mattered. If something came, he would be ready.

He was wrong.


A shadow whipped by him. Shaku spun around. Nothing. Okay, he was scared now. His feet shook like crazy, and Shaku wondered what kind of afterlife he would have.

A dark shape popped out and landed a few feet away from him.

"Holy…" Shaku gaped wide-eyed at the shape. It had the shape of a human, but it was wearing a hood, and stood at least two feet taller than Shaku. Two glowing red eyes gaped back from beneath the hood. It's hands were large and shaped into claws. It had two black wings that stretched from either side of his back, and the figure had no feet.

Shaku stumbled back, clutching his blade.

"Shaku…" the figure said, in a sad tone.

It attacked. Shaku was forced to dive to his right, allowing the shadow to miss. The figure evaporated and appeared behind Shaku again. It's eyes were even redder than before now, and it seemed to strike at Shaku with double the intensity. Shaku used his blade to block a couple of claw strikes, then used agility he never knew he had to skim all the way to the shadow's back and launch a blade whip.

The shadow screamed in sorrow, then turned around and lashed out at Shaku. Shaku dodged the shadow's attack, then used his left foot to kick the thing square in the face. The shadow stumbled back, dazed. Shaku charged with his blade raised, then yelled something he didn't understand.

"Kamira Maalada!!!!"

What the hell? He thought. Still, the blade glowed a bright color, and then the whole room was engulfed in light.

When the light cleared, Shaku stared in horror at the thing that had replaced the shadow. This monster was over fifty feet tall, and floated on a gray ball with protruding spikes. It's armor was stylish yet dark, and the wings now grew into four wings, each one sleek with dark black and red. It's head looked like a gladiator helmet, but there was red flame underneath the helmet. It's claws were now over ten feet long. It's mouth was where it's chest should've been, the same mindless grin as with the "Cell" he fought back on Drobero. The creature screamed and launched attack after attack. Shaku fought to keep balance as he rolled away each time.

Then, the creature launched a lightning thrust at Shaku, and it hit it's mark. Shaku screamed and could feel darkness pulling on his head. His vision blurred and he drifted away…