Author's Note: Well then, this story will no longer be my story, but a group's. Yes, this story will be under The Underground Constellation's! Chapters 1 to 4 are written by me, Outlaw-2, and subsequent chapters beyond that will be the others. Well then, enjoy!

Signing off…
Outlaw-2 The Forgotten Writer

Welcome to Sasaki Senior High School, a 100 year old school that looks like a rundown hotel than a shopping mall. However, the wooden exterior lays a modern interior, as if it had the feel of a new school. Not convinced? How about air-conditioning throughout the whole building? Satisfied? But do be ready to make a run to get out of the building when jokers manages to get a stink bomb or two into the system, and cause major mayhem.

The students here are categorized into five groups; the normal, the ninjas, the tongue twisted, the horny, and the unexpected. Only two out of five will be explained though. As explained, the normal are boring, ordinary students with aims to pass every single test and examinations, then graduate, and finally get out of school as soon as possible. The ninjas are a more interesting bunch of runts. As their name states, they are the notorious kancho ninjas; ninjas with motives to jab peoples' bottom, right at the anus. Born with teleport-like speeds, they can be as dangerous as a commando with muscular fingers. However, they do have enemies from the group called 'the unexpected'.

That category goes to the trio, or more known as Akito, Aoyama, and Tessa. The kancho ninjas barely knew about them, but the trio's existence seemed to have brought almost every situation to a whole new level. As the gears of time begin to move, so does this sequel of the former story…




One may say not to underestimate a lass's power. And it seems that it was true. Nobody knew how, and why did it happen, but the girls seems to be winning the arm wrestling contest instead of the boys. That is right, arm wrestling contest. Come on, men have more muscular biceps and triceps, right? Hence they could win in less than a second. But the problem lies with these girls. These girls yell so much, it was like a war cry launching a Roman battle against a piece of paper. How redundant can they get?




Okay. I take back what I said about redundancy. They are scaring me, the Narrator, as well!

Anyway, in the midst of the heated battle was Akito, leaning by the window ledge, enjoying the scenery from it. It was a typical day for him, but not Aoyama. There she was, trying to push the horny Sanae off from her for the past two hours, then running around the classroom, trying to get her off using inertia.

"Sanae! Get off of me!" Aoyama yelped.

"Aoyama-sama!" Sanae purred, unknowingly doing a death hug on Aoyama.

"Gak! Argh! Sanae!"


"Let me go!"


Let us get on with the situation, shall we? There was a lass by the name of Tessa Schneider, who was currently flapping her arms in a panic while stuttering.


Why was she reacting that way you ask? Well… to put it simply, she misplaced her favourite Luer hat and had already searched high and low for it, not realizing she had worn it before she headed out to school. However, since her unusual stammer and reaction was rather amusing to almost everyone, they decided not to tell Tessa about it and enjoy her hilarity.

… … …

That was not all. It seems that two of the trio's friends ended up joining in the class for no apparent reason at all. Dita Crucifier was one of the two. Being an Irish, she cannot help talking with a unique slang.

"Ay, Tessa. Ye hat is on ye head. How forgetful can ye get?" she stated the obvious.

"Awawa? Eh? It is on my head all along!" Tessa replied.

"Doofus," Dita remarked, before Kyou Kawasaki, the other of the two, called her over. "What is it, Kyou?"

"I still don't get it," Kyou strained, trying to use normal language before giving it up and used his usual Kansai dialect. "Why did Chief have ta send us into this school? I mean, look! We're like at least twenty years old, you know what I mean?"

Dita could only shrug, "Ah know what ye tryin' ta say. But orders are orders. Now, if only those klutzes stop throwing paper balls at me before ah-eh? What's that coming from the outside?"

Dita and Kyou looked at a white ball coming towards their direction at high velocity. Akito was in its way, daydreaming. Dita was about to call Akito out, but it was too late. With a loud crack, Akito's forehead got hit by the stray baseball as he flew into the air with the ball, spinning like a tornado, before crashing into the girls participating in the arm wrestling contest.

"PPPPPPFFFFFGGGHHHH!!!" was Akito's only response before the girls proceeded to beat the crap out of him, turning him into pulp.

"DDDDOOORRRRYYAAAA!!! Rock Bottom!" screamed one of the girls, before doing the trademark move, smacking Akito to the floor as the baseball finally met its final victim, Kyou, in the groin.

Dita and Tessa pondered while looking at the frozen Kyou as the ball finally stopped spinning and dropped to the ground. Silence ensued. The two lasses looked on as Kyou's frozen body rocked backwards, before hitting the floor with a plastic-like thud.

"Ahh… My 'balls'… I think one of them got flattened… Ahh… I can't move… Ahh…" Kyou struggled out the words, still frozen.

Dita covered part of her face with her right hand, sighing, "This is one reason why ah am lucky to be a gal."

"I don't think so," Tessa answered. "I think I'm going sterile from the wedgies I did on myself by accident."


"Die, Akito, die!" the girls taunted, whacking him with desks, books and other stationery.

"I'm innocent! Help! Wargh! PPPFFFFGGGHHH!!!" was Akito's cry before he received an uppercut from Hell.

… … …

Strolling down the corridor was a transfer student hailing from Kanagawa. She sported a dark brown shoulder length hair that curves to the outside at the end, and wore rimless spectacles, which was positioned around the middle of her nose bridge. Her uniform was rather tight fitting, since her bosoms seemed to have outgrown from it. Though her skirt was rather short, underneath she wore a pair of black shorts instead of panty, since she found it much safer.

As she paced her way for the class she was sent to, she took a deep breath before Aisaka-sensei entered the classroom to settle down the rowdy students, and two boys, one of which was reduced into pulp on the ground, and the other, frozen after a stray baseball hit his groin at high velocity, crushing one of his 'nuts'.

"All right, class. For the next few days, we will have three more students joining in. For today, let's welcome Melissa Namiki. Melissa, do introduce yourself," Aisaka-sensei said in a rather cheery tone.

Melissa then began to introduce herself, after the usual niceties, "I'm Melissa Namiki. I hail from Kanagawa, and my hobby is writing."

It was not long before the pulp called Akito asked a question, "What do you write?"

She took a moment to remember the stories she had written. Before she could start her sentence, they arrived at the scene, again. A group of three in ninja suits burst into the classroom, posing with kancho hand signs.

"Team Kancho! Jabbing butts at the speed of light! Surrender now, or prepare to jab, jab, jab!" the three ninjas said out their pledge.

"Don't ye three klutzes realize ye have just used copyrighted material?" Dita asked, sarcastically.

"Kancho the new girl!" one of the three ninjas announced as the lanky ninja lunged forward for Melissa's butt.

"Ah!" Melissa gasped, noticing the ninja coming towards her at great speed. "Ah?"

Without any warning, the new student unconsciously swung her left arm, where her hand was holding a metal folder. With a loud crash, the ninja's face met the folder at extremely high speed. The ninja recoiled, with a face flat as a pancake.

"What did you do to mai nosh!?" he snorted, trying to pull his flattened nose back into shape.

Melissa did not reply. Instead, she lunged forward, grabbed a permanent marker in her sling bag, and finally pulled down the lanky ninja's pants.

"Kancho ninjas, huh?" Melissa hissed.

"Erm… Peace?" the ninja requested.

"I don't think so," she replied, flashing an unstable grin.


Covering the ninja's mouth, Melissa went on by writing the words 'Kick Me!' on the ninja's bottom before shoving him out of the classroom without his pants. It took only a few seconds before a commotion broke out outside the classroom. Girls began screaming, accusing the ninja for a pervert before whacking him with broomsticks.

"Get lost you pervert!" one of the girls yelled, swinging the broomstick, hitting the ninja's bottom.

"Yeow! It's not my fault! It's that transfer student!"

"Excuses! Kya! Don't show your 'plumbing' to us!" the same girl replied.

"My eyes! My virgin eyes! It burns! Kill him!" another lass screamed, covering her eyes with her hands before hiding behind her colleague.

The other two ninjas listened on as the lanky ninja was beaten into pulp before finding himself plastered onto the wall with a nerve-wrecking crack. The remaining two ninjas winced at the sound before noticing Melissa right before them. They gulped, hard.

"Erm… We'll be off then… See you later!" they replied before teleporting themselves out of the classroom, leaving the sliding door open.

Melissa let out an evil smile before pressing a trigger button, "Pray hard that the gas won't eat up your underwear…"

Again, it took only seconds when the class heard a faint explosion before another commotion ensued. However, what Melissa had not realized, that the air-conditioning system… was spreading the gas throughout the school building.

Akito froze when he heard the word 'gas' coming out from Melissa's mouth. He called her to catch the lass's attention. Shuddering, he asked her the vital question.

"M-M-Melissa? Wh-What g-gas d-did you r-release?"

"Oh! That! It's a gas that eats up clothing material. It only eats up clothing worn by people," she replied before smiling.

Everyone in the classroom, including Aisaka-sensei, froze into place before they were bleached white. Akito gulped, hard, before telling her.

"D-did you know t-that the air-conditioning s-system is connected th-throughout the w-whole building?"

"Is it?" she replied, before exploding into a shock. "WHAT!?"

Right after her reply, Melissa, too, froze into place, bleached white. Moments later, they heard a scream right outside of their classroom.

"Run for your lives! The gas is eating our clothing! Argh! My boxers!"

"Kya! My victory panty! I just bought it yesterday!"

"Don't look at me!"

Silence ensued in the classroom. Cold sweat began to break out at everyone's forehead. Tessa removed her Luer hat and stuffed it inside her black sling bag. She came into thinking that by doing so; the gas will not eat up her hat. After zipping up the bag, she froze. Her right sleeve of her uniform… was gone. She blinked her eyes for a few times, observing her other classmates. Aoyama's collar shirt had disappeared. Akito's belt was half-eaten. Dita's socks were gone. Kyou's buttons on his shirt were not there. Tessa gulped hard. Before she could dash out of the classroom, chaos ensued.

"My shirt's gone! Let me out of here!" one of the boys yelled before dashing out of the classroom, with half of his pants gone.

"Akito! Temp Class Rep! Do something!" one of the girls wailed, trying to salvage her bra. "Akito!"

One of the boys, with missing pants, kicked Akito, only to notice something, which was similar to Aoyama, Dita, and Kyou, "They're cardboard cut-outs!"

"What!?" the same girl replied, wrapping her top with sheets of paper taped together. "Then, Melissa! Do you have the… solution?"

The girl blinked her eyes for a few times, only to realize it was Melissa… as a cardboard cut-out. She stomped her feet in anger, only to notice the same boy looking at her, with a nosebleed.

"What?" she hissed.

"Y-your underwear's…" he pointed out before realizing he was plastered onto the whiteboard after the girl did a roundhouse kick at him.

"You perverted pervert of all perverts!" she yelled, hiding under the teacher's desk, after realizing that sensei had placed a Buddha statue in her place.

… … …

Dashing down the corridor was Tessa and Melissa, searching for the nearest exit out of the building. Tessa had the Luer close to her, since it was her precious possession. Half of Tessa's uniform was gone showing part of her black silk bra, while Melissa's skirt had been eaten up completely. She looked at Tessa, who does not look angry at all. Plucking up the courage, Melissa popped out a question.

"Hey, are you angry with me?"

The German lass replied rather monotonously, "Not exactly. These situations always occur ever since me, Tessa, and my other two colleagues, Akito and Aoyama, first enrolled into the school."

"So, your name's Tessa, right?" she asked, noticing her left sock disappearing.


"MELISSA NAMIKI!!!" a loud, female hiss was heard behind them.

Tessa yelped for a moment. Melissa noticed Tessa's reaction before she finally realized who it was chasing her.

'Melissa! Whatever you do, do not look behind you, and run faster!" Tessa warned, but it was too late as Melissa had taken a glimpse of the person chasing her.

"AIEE!!! It's…it's…Sadako!" she yelled.

"I told you not to look! That's Aisaka-sensei in 'Sadako' mode!"

"Now you tell me!"

As the duo continued running for their lives from Sadako-sensei, they came across the two ninjas getting thrashed up, now looking like pulp on the floor as frantic students continue to trample on them, even though they had waved white flags from where they were. Melissa could picture out what would happen if Sadako-sensei were to catch her; no, not pulp, more to puree. She gulped at the thought. There was no way she would want to end up like that. A T-junction was coming up next. The duo turned to the left almost instantaneously. Sadako-sensei, who was running a little too fast, overshot, finding herself standing on air.

"Uh-oh…" Aisaka-sensei mumbled, before gravity pulled her down, careening for the duck-infested pond. "Agh!"

With a loud splash, shirtless sensei attempted to stand up in the shallow pond, but the accumulated algae on the larger rocks had her slipping from time to time. She was still furious, but the intense 'Sadako' aura had faded. She grumbled to herself, as a duck sat on her head, quacking.

"Shut up," Aisaka-sensei mumbled. "At least I'm out of the building, only losing a shirt."

… … …

"Is sensei all right?" Melissa asked Tessa, while peeking by the window.

"She's all right. There's a pond right below it," Tessa replied, noticing the other sleeve of her half uniform was gone. "We better hurry or we'll end up stark naked like featherless chickens."

Melissa nodded in agreement after realizing her uniform was in the process of being eaten up., "Let's hurry."

However, the moment the duo was about to make a run for it, they heard a ground-shaking rumble from a distance. They turned to ponder what it was.

"It's coming from the corridor we just ran through," Melissa pointed out, only to see a cardboard cut-out of Tessa, with the real one making a run for it. "H-Hey! Why are you running?"

By then, Tessa was already long gone, and the rumble had turned into tremors. Melissa had a hunch what it was and made a mad dash for the nearest exit, if there was one. Melissa had a peek of what caused the tremors.

"Kya! Human Tsunami!" thought Melissa, increasing her pace, trying to catch up with Tessa, who was barely within her sight. "Why didn't I notice the air-conditioners earlier on!?"

Before an answer could reach into her mind, she stepped on a banana peel that was in her path, and began slipping all over the corridor till she hit the fire extinguisher. She winced at the pain for a moment before noticing the item she collided into. She had an idea. Melissa took the fire extinguisher, and grabbed a skateboard that rolled by towards her. With quick reflexes, she got on the skateboard, pulled the safety pin off the fire extinguisher, positioned the item horizontally to the back, and squeezed the trigger.

From Melissa's point of view, she found herself speeding down the corridor with her face all wrinkled by the immense air pressure. Her mouth began to fill with air, now looking like a goldfish with a broken jaw, gaping open.

"I knew this isn't a good idea!" she thought before she threw the extinguisher away, kicked the skateboard off, and ran by foot for the next few consecutive corners. "Ow. My face hurts."

… … …

Back to the mass 'Human Tsunami' few moments ago, when Melissa was about to squeeze the trigger of the fire extinguisher, they froze for a moment before a horde of white foam envelops them, immobilized for a period of time. By the time they had gotten rid of the foamy mess off from their sight, Melissa was no where in sight.

"She stalled us, and we're still losing clothing!" one of the boys yelled, with his pants now drooping. "We need to get out of here, fast!"

It was not long before the horde of students and teachers resumed dashing down the corridor, looking for the nearest exit. In fact, they seemed to have caught up with Melissa, which was separated by a glass wall.

"Stop! I said stop!" the same boy yelled, his shoes trying to slow him down. "I said stop!"

The boy crashed into the thick glass wall. For the next few seconds, the only sounds that were heard were squishes, squashes, oomphs, ahhs, ouches, and a few horrendous cracks. The heavier boys ended up as pulp while the girls were the toppings of the pulp. As for the teachers, they managed to grab onto the pillars to avoid collision, now looking like half-naked Tarzans.

"Who the heck placed a glass wall in the corridor?" one of the girls croaked, wriggling out of the mess, only to see Melissa leaning against a pillar, exhausted. "It's her! She created an illusion! Get her!"

Melissa froze in place as a wave of demonic red pairs of eyes glared at her. She stepped back a few times before making a run for it.

"Agh! I blew it again!" she yelped, not realizing she had overshot the corridor, and floating in the air. "Eh? Isn't this the second floor?"

The girl from the mass shook in disagreement within the building. Melissa gulped, hard. As gravity pulls her to the ground, she began screaming for her life, only to crash into something, in fact someone.

"Wargh!" was the person's yelp.

"Oof!" Melissa wheezed.

"Ay! It's the new transfer student, Melissa!" a female voice registered into Melissa's mind.

As she stood up, Melissa finally noticed who she had crashed into; Akito, with his face buried into a sack of animal fertilizer. In a panic, she began to pull Akito out of the sack, only to see the sack launch into the air when Akito was released. It shot into the air, speared into Kyou, and the inertia had him flying, crashing into the face of the water of the swimming pool. No, it was not a splash, it was a crash.

"Blargh!" was Kyou's reaction before floating on the surface like a dead body.

With a sigh, skirt-less and barefooted Dita went towards the pool, poking Kyou's body floating on the water, " 'ello? Are ye still alive?"

"I'm…fine…" he replied, with his left eyebrow twitching.

"Ah always wonder why boys always get into deep trouble."

Melissa placed her index finger on her lips, wondering what would happen next, after noticing Tessa finally emerging out of the building with only her shoes, skirt and black silk bra still intact. Aoyama looked like a barbarian, with her clothes literally dominated with tiny holes. Dita had lost her skirt, and her top, but at least she had a denim jacket stashed in her haversack and wore it. Akito's pants looked like Bermudas and his shirt was transformed to a basketball jersey. And finally, Kyou, had his pants fully intact, but had lost everything else, including his boxers. Melisa then took the initiative to find out what she had left on her; a sports bra and black shorts. She sighed in relief.

"Thank God," she wheezed again.

"We don't think so…" a coarse female voice echoed behind her.

Melissa swiveled to see who it was; Sadako-sensei. She turned around once again, trying to seek help from the five people. However, the only things she saw was cardboard cut-outs of themselves, and a newspaper rolling by.

"Th-they teleported!?" she thought, before making a run for it, out of the campus as Sadako-sensei led the furious students chasing Melissa.

"Melissa Namiki!" sensei hissed.

"I'm sorry!" Melissa yelped.

"Too late!"


… … …

Poking their heads out of the bushes were the five-some, looking at Melissa getting chased by Aisaka-sensei a.k.a. Sadako and a pack of angry students. They sighed at the sight. They had come into prediction that things will change when the transfer students rolled into the school.

"Let's head home for now," Tessa announced.

"Last one will have to be Ayane-nekomimi's pet for one week!" Aoyama squealed in fear before disappearing into the distance.

"H-hey!" the remaining four yelled before giving chase, only to see the horny Sanae overtaking them.

"Aoyama-sama!" Sanae squealed.

"No! Stay away from me!" Aoyama replied.



The four of them stared at the distance as Sanae jumps onto Aoyama's back and began smothering her. Aoyama began to run crazily, crashing into trash bins and poles along the way before she was out of their sight.

"Sanae! Let me go!"


"Err… Should we take the longer route home?" Akito suggested.

"Ah agree," Dita replied, with a sweat drop at the side of her forehead while Kyou had his eyebrow twitching in amusement.

"I bet there's going to be more of this tomorrow," Tessa replied, as four of them walked on the opposite direction.