"Another day, another chaos ensues, huh?" Akito questioned the other two lasses.

"Yeah…" Aoyama replied while Tessa had her mouth gaped open like a goldfish.

And chaos it was. Sanae, that ultra-hyperactive Lolita lesbian went all out tossing water bombs at everyone. And when I mean everyone, even Aisaka-sensei, who stepped into the classroom before the trio, was not spared. Apparently, the battle broke out between Kyou, the husky voice Kansai dialect one, and Dita, the Northern Irish lass, but somehow reached Sanae and it took off. The trio; Akito, Aoyama, and Tessa, simply stood their ground with mouths gaped open like goldfishes.

"Kyou Kawasaki…" Aisaka-sensei growled before continuing. "Dita Crucifier…"

The noise soon ceased, and silence took the classroom by storm. Kyou and Dita froze when they took notice of sensei. Like a ghost, Aisaka-sensei dragged her feet towards the duo while her long, black satin hair covered her face, with only glowing red orbs marking where her eyes were.

"Kyou…Dita…YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT FROM ME!" sensei's mutters turned into a howl as the duo began running for their lives. "Come back here!"

"AIEE! S-SADAKO!!! IT'S SADAKO!!!" the duo yelped, running all over the classroom as Aisaka 'Sadako' sensei trailing behind them.

Akito planted his face on his right hand as a thought ran through his mind, "Even the teacher joins in the mess."

After taking at least a quarter of an hour to settle down when Sanae pelted Kyou and Dita with hordes of water bombs, and Aisaka-sensei somehow hung them dry by pegging them onto the blades of the ceiling fan, class resumed. A half of the class stared at the duo spinning around by the fan; sensei simply ignored them and went straight to her homeroom lesson. Before she could even start, the petite lolita Sanae was already tossing paper balls at Kyou. Aisaka-sensei let out a heavy sigh, which caught the students' attention.

"All right class. Today, we'll be having another transfer student formerly from Sonozaki Senior High School," sensei announced, before calling the newcomer over. "You can come in now."

As the newcomer stepped in, many were somewhat in awe. He sported brown-black hair that ends right around the chin level, while his long fringe was held back by a black sports head band. Wearing a black leather jacket over his uniform and sunglasses made an aura as if he belonged to a motorcycle gang. However, from the way he greeted, it was rather the opposite of what many had expected.

"Darket Jones, hailing from Higurashi-I mean Higashiosaka. Pleased to be here."

Somehow, he made a mistake from his introduction. First impression counts and he blew it. What he needed right now was a back up plan before everything crumbled. Apparently, Darket's saviour came in a form of Sanae Kouchirou, who dashed from her seat, and bowled over him.

"Darket-kun!" she squealed, before calling his nickname. "Long time no see, Dodo bird!"

Darket planted his face over his left hand before swearing, "Of all people, it had to be this lolita Sanae, my ex-girlfriend. Don't 'nya' or 'Dodo' at me, Sanae."

Upon hearing what Darket had announced, huge exclamation marks popped out above everyone's forehead, except for the newcomer and the gurgling Sanae. Kyou and Dita face planted to the ground when the pegs gave way. Akito, Aoyama, and Tessa, had their mouths gaped open like goldfishes. The floating register Aisaka-sensei was holding dropped onto the teacher's desk with the pen stabbing into Darket's name. Apparently, the class did not believe what he had said, until Sanae proved them wrong.

"Nyann… Darket-kun, I still think of you as my boyfriend, though I'm more attracted to girls. Come on, Dodo. Nyannn…" the lolita squealed, rubbing her left cheek against Darket's right one.

"S-Sanae! Quit it!" the newcomer yelped.

"Nyan! Dodo-kun!" she purred.


… … …

Several Hours Later…

Lunch time arrived sooner than they had expected. Apparently, Darket became the hot topic of the class's gossip, but… Darket seemed oblivious. He simply stared into space. Sanae came over to him, and poked his face. No response. She then pulled Darket's cheeks, stretching it like rubber. No reaction as well. Sanae puffed her mouth with air before letting it out moments later. Clutching the back of his head, the lolita grinned in delight while Akito, Aoyama, and Tessa, viewed the performance.

"Wake up dodo bird!" she squealed, before shoving Darket's head onto the surface of the desk.

The impact caused was the rudely shocked Darket to lunge back, losing his balance. His legs got hold of the desk, but was not heavy enough to stop him. As he careens for the floor with the chair, the desk slingshot… for Akito. With no time to react, the desk met his face at high velocity, sending him flying into the air like a leaf, before leaving a depression mark on the wall, with him becoming literally part of the of the school structure. Aoyama let out a heavy sigh while the panicked Tessa began flapping her arms like a hummingbird, worried about Akito.

"Awawawawawawawawawa! Aki-kun! Are you all right?" the German frantically asked.

"I'm…fineeee…" Akito croaked.

"Ah! Aki-kun!"

Back to Sanae, she poked Darket's cheek, checking on him whether he was still alive or not. He twitched in response. Squatting next to Darket's head Sanae then proceeded to her main objective.

"Hey! Let's got go to the canteen to get our lunch!" she squealed as Darket sat up.

"Lunch? Where?" he asked, rather bluntly.

"The canteen of course, dodo!"

"Canteen? Where?"

"No wonder I keep calling you 'dodo', dodo!" Sanae let out a sigh.

Then, the lolita had an idea. She knew something about Darket that could make him follow her to the canteen. After taking a moment to sneer at her plan, she executed it without anyone suspecting Sanae.

"Come on! Dododododododododododododododo!" she squealed.

Darket's forehead pulsated as his right eyebrow twitched, "Stop it before I-."


"I said-."






"I said-."


As if a volcano had just erupted, Darket burst to his feet as the chair he sat on earlier slingshot towards Aoyama, sending her flying into the air before she became part of the school structure as well; over where Akito was to be specific. Tessa panicked more vigourously by flapping her arms more as her eyes now looked like fishballs.

"Awawa!!! Ao-chan! Aki-kun!" the German yelped.

Darket attempted to catch Sanae, but she was too swift, "THAT'S IT! I'M GOING TO MAKE LUNCH OUT OF YOU!"

"Nyan! That sounds ecchi, dodo-kun! If ya wanna rape me, ya gonna catch me first!" the hyperactive lolita challenged, using Kansai dialect.

"W-wait! I don't mean 'that' lunch! Hey! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING!?"

"Nyahahaha! Dodo bird is so slow!"


As the…erm…'lovey-dovey' couple dashed out of the classroom, the frantic German lass then proceeded pulling Aoyama and Akito off the wall, in which they got out with a 'pop'. However, inertia played its part as Akito somehow slingshot somewhere else; the ceiling fan that is. Looking like a hummingbird, Tessa frantically flapped her arms in a panic while Aoyama could only look at Akito with a sweat drop on her forehead.

"It is chaos after chaos, huh? Aki-kun?" Aoyama pointed out, as the fan blade supporting Akito gave way, sending him careening for the parquet flooring.

Aoyama, Tessa, and other anonymous students winced at the impact. Akito's face totally looked like a plate, in which it amused the witnesses. He let out a sigh. There is no way he could survive anymore than this, he thought. Unfortunately, he was wrong. The rear sliding door burst open. Sanae dashed past Akito with two, big steamed buns. Moments later, Darket dashed into the classroom, and unconsciously had his left shoe booting into Akito's face. As such, inertia decided to poke fun on Akito as he bowled into a group of girls from the wrestling club. Yes, you guessed it…

"German Suplex!" yelled one of them as she executed the move on Akito.

"Uppercut of Death!" cried another.

As the fist met his chin, Akito skyrocketed into the air, as if Zeus had just thrown Athens into his face, together with the thundering tsunami effect as he twirled around, looking like a spinning bullet. Crashing into the parquet flooring once again, Akito lay limp as his left eyebrow twitched.

"Ahhh…ahhh…I keep wondering why I can't die in this story…" he groaned.

"Well, it is the writer's decision that no one dies in this story," Aoyama pointed out.

"I forgot to say something after all that…'events'."



Aoyama planted her face over her right hand before she let out a heavy sigh. Tessa, who had a huge question mark over her head, pondered at what Sanae and Darket were doing. As Darket stretched out his arms to grab one of the steamed buns, the hyperactive lolita slid away as she devours her bun.

"Give me back my lunch!" Darket exclaimed, before he came out with a threat. "Or I'll tell everyone about your unknown fetish!"

For the first time, Sanae froze. Taking the opportunity, he lunged forward, grabbing the bun as Darket swallowed it in one bite. However, he was taken into shock as the bun, contained several pieces of raw wasabi and chilli. His face turned red as smoke shot out from his ears. From afar, in the teachers' room, Aisaka-sensei was savouring her cup of coffee when she heard a loud scream followed by a rather bright light. She ignored it and simply went on.

"Looks like someone fell for Sanae's wasabi and chilli trick again," she pointed out as other teachers had sweat drops on their foreheads.

"Nyahahaha! Dodo bird looks like a dragon! Nyahahahaha!" Sanae squealed before realizing red-faced Darket glaring at her like a devil. "Nya?"

"Sanae…" he hissed while holding a butterfly in his hands, scaring the wits out of Sanae.

"KYA!!!" she yelped as she teleported under the teacher's desk.

"Wrong move, Sanae!"


"H-hey! Ow-ow…OW! NOT MY-ah!"

Like a log, Darket rolled on the floor. Why, you asked? Well…Sanae somehow punched Darket's groin with the power of Moses hurling the Ten Commandments, together with a loud crack signing a tree about to collapse. From the other side of the classroom, oblivious Tessa kept on pondering as she observes Darket getting swung to and fro by Sanae, followed by a hard smack into the whiteboard.

"It is really chaos after chaos," thought Tessa, that is, until Aoyama decided to poke fun at her by taking her beloved peaked cap. "Ao-chan! My peaked cap! Gurg!"

"Heh heh…" Aoyama sneered in reply.

"My hat, gurg!"

… … …

End of chapter…

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