A/N: Ok we are doing poems in my class and this is one that I wrote. I'm nt sure if it's good so I'm posting it here for you to tell me what you think. And to tell the truth, I have no idea how I came up with it, it's probably because the guy I used to like didn't like me back. One, I was too young and two he liked someone else. I upgraded it after finding errors so I hope you like it!

When I saw you with her that day,

All I could do was cry,

I never felt this way,

As if the world had gone dry.

You told me to hold on and keep my chin up,

But how can I when everything is going down?

I ask you now as I stand at your door,

What is it you said that you adored?

I looked through your window and only found,

That she just happened to be in town.

Shock came over and then grief preside,

As I realize now that I feel hollow inside.

I see your smile on your face,

And I know that I can never take that girl's place,

But please listen to me dear,

No matter what I'm still here.

Now I move on so you can be happy,

But these tears on my cheek,

Are like waterfalls in a shallow creek.

I look to the dark filled sky,

And I feel as if I might die.

So now I walk down the street hugging my self real tight,

And see the rain coming down,

As the angels cry with me tonight,

And I get down upon my knees with a tear streaked frown,

And let the tears just flow all around.

I need someone to help me,

Someone to be my firm tree,

Someone to lean on when my feet can't seem to find the ground,

But that someone might be no one,

So that no one might be as far away as the sun.

So I ask you tonight as I look to the dark, wet sky,

Can someone take the place,

Of someone else's space?

So the sky opens up as I fall to the ground,

Everything is silent all around,

I hug myself tight as the tears won't let me be,

Because tonight is the night that the angels cry with me.