Chapter Twenty Seven – The Diary

"It was strange… it was so real, like I was really fighting him…" Tazarkul was rubbing his head. "Tóki?" he looked around at the empty clearing. "Where the hell…"

"Taz" Tazarkul turned around and Tóki was hanging from a tree. "Look what I found" he jumped out of the tree and handed Tazarkul a bound leather book.

"Where did you find this?" he opened it with curiosity.

"I was searching around the in future, after you destroyed the planet… I found it in the wreckage of some kind of ship.

Tazarkul opened it and suddenly he felt like he had been dragged inside of it, when he opened his eyes again he was hovering over a scene, like he was there but wasn't at the same time.

I bet you never thought you'd wake up, stark naked, led in a tube of freezing water with two women looking down at you with smiling faces. Well admittedly they weren't the most beautiful women I had seen before, but neither the less, women.

Now I know what you're thinking "is this guy on speed or something?" the answer? Yes, probably. As I didn't know what the hell was going on, my vision was slightly blurred and I think I had just soiled myself. So, anyway back to the nakedness. As I was saying, these two women seemed odd in a way, there smiles didn't falter and they had a kind of soulless quality to them, you know like sales reps, I tried to sit up but I was all stiff (if your immature, that's your queue to laugh).

Then I heard this voice in my head, this one different from the ones I normally have. Welcome Sheldon, to the year 2487. At fist I didn't really know what the hell was going on. But then my memories started to come back to me. School, Training, the silo, Kuwait, Libya, Kazakhstan and the UK… wait, the UK? Didn't I get small pox or something? Shouldn't I be dead? So this was heaven? Naked, cold and embarrassed…

"Excuse me ladies, as iim sure your aware this cold water hardly shows me in my full glory. But, formalities aside. Where the hell am I?"I tried to sit up again and this time succeeded only in a farting from all the straining. "And why can't I move?" you are being held in a suspended state wile we make sure you are not a threat, no please stop struggling. As you can imagine by this time I was pretty pissed.

They wouldn't even let me get out of this bloody cold water. Now I'm not one to be violent, but I was defiantly considering hurting the person keeping me here. There was a sudden crunching sound, and then that damn voice again. Thank you, now please exit your tube and enter station 122-3 where the nurses will check you over and present you with your clothing. I sat up, rubbed my head and checked to make sure everything was there.

"Please come with us" the two nurses said, it was kinda creepy really, and they said it in such a way that it was more a command than a question. I stepped out of my tube and had a look around. I was in a very long room, filled with tubes a lot like those I had just got out of, there were a variety of tubes and machines hooked up to each of them. For some reason somebody had taken the liberty to paint the entire room in florescent yellow.

I couldn't see why my self, but the nurses seemed content with it. Either that or they were stunned for words having me naked and so near them. There was this one time when I was in France, these two twins kept looking at me, they were quite pretty, had quite large… Erm sorry, got side tracked a bit there… anyway, the room. Did I mention it was florescent yellow? Yes? Ok good, just making sure. It was one of the oddities about the place, like the fact the windows were several feet off the ground, and the sky seemed orange.

There was also a large planet in the sky… witch I found quite odd. I didn't remember the moon looking so big and… well swirly. I checked it in my mind and forgot about it for now.

"Just in here Sheldon" said those creepy nurses again. I turned into a little room a bit like a doctor's check up office, with that clean smell and the knowledge that the last person to be in here could have left something nasty behind in the sponge seat for you. One of them went routing around in a cupboard for something and the other just stood there looking at me.

"Like what you see?" I asked her, and by the way. I don't hear voices in my head. I just thought I'd screw with you a bit.

"I'm sorry; I don't mingle with other species" her smile didn't change. And I really didn't want to take it further and other species? What the hell was this chick on about?

"here are your clothes Sheldon" (right, to minimize on confusion ill refer to the nurse who was looking at me as chick 1 and the other one as chick 2, you got that? Good. Anyway…) chick 1 said. It looked like she was holding a bundle of white cotton. She handed it to me and I held it up.

It looked like it had been used to wipe the bathroom after a particularly bad case of violent diarrhoea. You see, I was right. It was a white cotton top and trousers. Problem was it was covered in these huge brown stains. I shrugged my shoulders, it was better than being naked in front of chick 1 and 2 who evidently didn't have any interest in me. So I donned the stained cotton clothes and sat myself down on the chair conveniently placed behind me.

"So, any of you got a cig? Or a light for that matter?" you see being naked I kind of didn't have my cigs or a light. Or any dignity for that matter.

"There's a no smoking policy on this station sir, I'm sorry." You know it occurred to me that chick 1 had a slightly more annoying voice than chick two, but chick 2 had an extra boil on her cheek which more than made up for it. Please wait there Sheldon, I will join you shortly. The nurses will leave you now. And with that both chick 1 and 2 walked out of the room and closed the door behind them.

So this voice in my head wasn't the nurses? Well now I was intrigued. Something strange was going on. The last thing I remember is lying in a hospital bed with doctors running around me… and now I'm in the year 2487? In some kind of "Station", with a damn swirly moon!

"Hello Sheldon" (now before you call me a wussy or a sissy; just remember she had four eyes, eleven arms and seven legs, ok?)

"Ahh! Who the hell are you?" (You see what I mean?)

"I am Aurora; I am the lead technician on this station and the person responsible for curing you, bringing you back from being frozen and creating an arsenal of weapons and gadgets to aid our troops in the Great War. And you Sheldon, you are our greatest weapon.

"Me? Hey lady, err… what ever you are. I'm not some kind of super solider. I'm just a good shot. There's no way I can stop any kind of war on my own." At this point I think it tried to laugh.

"For starters Sheldon, you won't be on your own; you have us here at Titan Tech for support and when we're finished with you, you will be a super solider. We shall give you what you need to become the perfect solider and you will end this war."

"Ok, ok… so let me get this straight. From what I've picked up so far, I nearly died in 2034, but was cryogenically frozen. Then after nearly 450 years I've been unfrozen by some freak of nature to stop some 'great war' using things your going to supply me with all by my self?"

"That's pretty much it yes, and I'm not a 'freak of nature' as you so subtlety put it. I happen to be a (if I was to write what she called herself it will fill three and a half thousand pages, you see there language is very strange, they have large words that sound very short. Ill just give you the phonetic spelling for it. Gal-Tra-P-Mal-Ga-Ey-On, a banana to who ever can guess why they're more commonly known as 'freaks').

The Great War is a war that is being fought across three planets. Vars, Menus and of course Earth-water-air (as you can see the names are a bit 'different' since my time. Vars is Mars and Menus is Venus, they had a bit of trouble with politics so chose the adopt the others first letter to help form an alliance. And Earth-water-air is Earth. Some egghead back a few hundred years ago thought it would be smart to remain the planet since Earth only showed part of what was there.

As you can see the people of this era are, quite frankly, morons) after the three planets were colonized the people wanted independence from where they once came, and eventually this lead to a war to gain that independence.

Unfortunately this war escalated and involved most of the neighbouring systems and planets, plunging a large portion of the slightly-milky-ish-looking-way (you see what I mean?) into war. Because of the advances in technology more destructive weapons have been put into use and so it is now even more dangerous for ground troops. We at Titan Tech have been developing the most advanced weapons ever seen. And you Sheldon are going to be the person who tests them in the field. Your going to end this war." The speech about the war was pretty boring, but when 'advanced' and 'weapons' were mentioned I looked up.

"What so like phasers and stuff?"

"Please, phasers are so last century. Once we've finished here ill take you to the testing centre and show you what we've been developing. Do you have any questions?" dam right I bloody did.

"Well maybe a few… like why the hell is the moon so god damn big and swirly? And why do you have so many limbs? Is it really that necessary?"

"That's not a moon Sheldon, that's Jupiter. We are on one of its moons, Titan. And we happen to use our limbs for mating; you see it's a very complex business where the male has to insert…" I think its best if you didn't hear this, I had nightmares for 3 months thinking I was going to be rapped by her. "…and then that's how out little ones are born. It's really quite fascinating."

"Ok, I get the point… can I go see the guns now? And do you have anything resembling a sniper rifle?" my preferred weapon was a sniper rifle, simply because it meant I didn't have to sit on the front line and get shot to bits by my own side when they got trigger happy. Who's idea was it to call that friendly fire anyway? What's so damn friendly about it? I think they need a good kick in the balls to be honest… sorry, that's me trailing off again. Anyway back to the guns…

"If you'll please follow me Sheldon, ill take you to the firing range."

"Call me Dead Eye" I walked out the room behind the hobbling 'freak' and wondered what kind of guns they had… maybe I could finally shoot and order pizza at the same time, or listen in on enemy conversations while surfing the net. What? You've obviously never had to lie in a mix of shit, piss, snow, mud and blood for 14 hours before have you? Trust me; a little pizza would go along way in those situations…

Everything went dark again and Tazarkul was back in the clearing, lead on the floor with Tóki looking over him.

"what happened?"