Sheldon "Dead Eye" Catley

Sheldon Catley is a 28, about 5 feet 11 tall, Brown hair and blue eyes. Newly recruited by the SAS and on his first mission with his unit. He is the Sniper/Scout of the unit, the one relied on for scouting ahead and picking off sentries. His weapon of choice is the Parker-Hale M88 sniper rifle because of its easy to reload chamber and low recoil. His Call sign is Dead Eye because of his skill with a sniper rifle, there is a rumour circulating around the barracks that he has never missed a shot.

His parents were killed in a terrorist attack by the IRA, he was raised by his aunt and uncle and when he discovered the truth about his parents he vowed to get revenge. Shortly after his 18th birthday he joined the military and was soon singled out because of his skill and recommended for a career in the SAS.

Seeing this as a way to avenge his parents he leaped at the chance. He is a dedicated Christian and believes in justice and that any soul can be saved no matter what they have done, he justifies his killing by saying that if he didn't kill these people, they would most likely inflict pain and suffering onto other people. He sees himself as a messenger from god, bringing the message that if you commit sin, you can be saved.

Wile he was growing up Sheldon excelled at most tasks put in front of him and was quickly dubbed the class "Nerd" wile in school. He was bullied quite badly throughout his time at school. Most of the time it was only verbal but sometimes he would sustain beatings because of it.

After one severe case of beatings, and after recovering in hospital. He vowed that he wouldn't let anyone hurt him or others in that way again. He started to take Tae-Kwon do lessons, and once again excelled at that. Passing all the grading with the highest mark in his class he quickly advanced to Black Belt. When the people who had put him in hospital before attempted to beat him again he broke one of there noses, the others arm and three ribs of another. The rest of the gang fled and Sheldon was soon arrested by the police for GBH. However the case was thrown out of court based on self defence charges and the gang of bullies were finned and given 100 hours of community service each.

When Sheldon was 16 and walking home from one of his Tae-kwon do lessons, he encountered two men attempting to rob a girl on the street. He ran over to help and realised that they were two of the guys from the gang who had beaten him. When they saw him they ran for there life's remembering the events of last year. Sheldon soon became quite close to the girl and they eventually started a relationship. Unfortunately she didn't want him to join the military when he was 18. And the resulting arguments tore there relationship apart. Sheldon uses the past events in his life to fuel himself on his missions and is generally quite a quiet person. After the events of Dead Eye Sheldon was promoted up the ranks very quickly and soon obtained the rank of Colonel. He was posted in many missions in every continent, mainly Asia and Africa.

Near the end of his career he was sent on an imperative mission to foil a ploy by a terrorist cell that planned to unleash a plague of Small Pox in London. He succeeded in stopping the terrorist threat but was contaminated with Small Pox and shortly died in hospital the following week. He died a hero; he was the Legend of Dead Eye. The sniper who never missed his mark.

Luke "Scarecrow" Read

Luke Read is 38 and nearing the end of his military career, this is one of his last missions for the SAS as he wants to retire soon and settle down. He is the NCO of the unit and the one most relied on to get them out of sticky spots. While fighting in the gulf war he was captured by the Iraqis and tortured by them for information on the closing U.S and British forces. They cut his eyes with razor blades for not cooperating, but lucky he was rescued by the Allied forces before any more damage could be done. His eyes healed over time and he eventually gained the use of them again.

His call sign is "Scarecrow" because of the scars left across his eyes. Luke grew up with everything he could have ever asked for. His parents were millionaires from the stock market and during his upbringing Luke was spoiled beyond measure with anything he asked for. But when his parents company went bust and they were forced to sell everything they had to pay for the amounting debts Luke was thrown into a world he knew nothing about. At the age of 23 he had no qualifications and no idea how to get a job to support himself.

At a whim he decided to join the military. It sounded like a good choice. You got money, food and a place to live. What he didn't count on was the Gulf war. He was thrown yet again into a world he didn't want to be in. while on a routine recon mission his team were ambushed and gunned down. The rage from seeing his friends and comrades cut to peaces in front of him drove him into a frenzy.

He had hefted the huge machine gun that had been thrown from there truck and ran at the attacking Iraqi's. Lady luck smiled on him that day, because of the way he ran at them, with fire in his eyes and hate in his steps, the soldiers thought he was a demon send by Allah to destroy them for there sins. And tried to run away. Not wanting them to escape Luke gunned them all down as they fled. Afterwards he had led down in the sand and wished that he could just end the pain and suffering he felt. He was later found by a scout unit sent looking for his recon unit and awarded the Purple Heart for bravery.

At the end of the war he was promoted to NCO and given command of a unit of soldiers that were send into various areas of the world to do jobs secretly. After returning from Russia from one of these missions he handed in his notice for retirement. But unfortunately his skill hadn't gone unnoticed and was told he had to finish one last mission before he could finally hang up his rifle.

George "Samurai" Henmington

Not much is known about George Henmington, he is in his early 30's and is that radio operator for the unit, he is the person reasonable for relaying commands back to base and keeping in touch with them. He carries a samurai sword with him and doesn't fret to use it. He has been trained in the art of Bushiado and isn't afraid to use it against the enemies he meets. His call sign is "Samurai" for obvious reasons. He was asked to accompany a unit that were being sent on an assassination mission. He was to be the radio man of the unit.

Jack "Chelsea" Phyfe

Jack Phyfe is 31 and known in the SAS for liking guns, the bigger the better. He is the Heavy gunner of the unit, the person who lays down suppressive fire and attacks bigger groups of enemies. He shows little fear while in the field and little care for his or others well being. He has been in many operations in all the continents of the world but still lacks the ability to care for anybody but himself.

One night just after his entrance into the SAS and celebrating in a pub, he managed to get into a fight. He was severely beaten and given a Chelsea smile by the members of the gang he had fought with. Earning him his call sign "Chelsea". Jack had a rough childhood. His mother was a hooker and his dad beat him and his mother in his many drunken rages. At the age of 15, during one of his father's notorious rages, he fought back and pushed his father down the stairs, killing him in the process.

Jack fled the scene and spent several years running and hiding from the shadows of what he had done. He finally settled down in Newcastle with a girl he had met and took up a job in a petrol station. Unluckily on the night he was pulling the graveyard shift a hooded figure attempted to rob him. But when he refused to hand over the money the hooded figure shot at the bullet proof glass booth he was in. the bullets didn't penetrate but the sparks they caused mixed with the fumes in the area caused a fire to start near the pumps. Fleeing for his life he vowed that he would find the person responseable for him losing his job. When his marriage broke apart and he was left with nothing he decided to go for a career in the SAS.

He liked guns and thought it would be the best place to go and use them. After several missions he was deemed "Dangerous and Untrustworthy" but the fact he was good at killing people kept him in the pole and he was given a make up mission, to assassinate a high up member in a terrorist group. Before the start of the mission he was approached by an organization, they offered him one million pounds if he threw the mission and made sure that the target made it out alive.