A/N This is my first attempt at something resembling poetry, and was inspired to a small extent by Bethany Dillon's "The Way I See You." It's dedicated to several friends of mine - I hope and pray it will be a blessing to you.

Eyes so bright and yet you hide
Behind your brilliant smile
A heart filled with longing,
Yearning to be loved by one alone.

Pain shadows my soul when I think
Of how you put yourself down.
Please, dear one, believe the truth
That you're beautiful.

I'm scared for you, my friend
Though I know you're in God's hands.
He's sure to carry you through, yet I fear
The pain you may endure.

My heart goes out, I long to be
A friend whom you can trust.
One who will support and guide
And draw you close to God.

For He alone can sate your soul
That you know full well.
Seek Him first and you will find
He'll write your story in words of love.