The interrogation room was quiet as I waited for the man who spoke to me over the phone to arrive. I knew everything he needed to know. And I knew why I was here. This wasn't a surprise to me at all. Oh know, when I got that call, I knew everything that was about to go down. My life hadn't relapsed at the moment of the call. To tell the truth, I expected it. I wanted that one phone call. So now I sat alone waiting for a person to arrive so all of this could be through. It wasn't that I was being impatient. I just had other things to do and more important things to do than wait around here all day.

I waited only an hour or so before the person had arrived. "Traffic's a bitch." he muttered as he entered the room. I watched the way he walked and everything. What ever was going on here, he needed something out of me fast. It was in the way he moved and talked. Because he made me wait, I was going to make him wait. Even the tables I always said. The man sat quick and quiet. His eyes burned with rage. I didn't know him, but he was sure as hell pissed off. I kept my mouth shut as I waited for him to open the conversation.

"I am Agent Billing," Billing began, "You know why you're here?"
I stayed silent.

"Do you understand?" He asked again.

"I understand Billing. My question, why now and why wait so long. I thought they wrapped this entire up."

"So did me at a time. Something has happened, and we need your help."

"My help?" That wasn't mentioned before, he just wanted to talk, and I was told over the phone.

"Yes, we want you to tell us what happened all those years ago."

"Many things happened all those years ago. Give me a date."

Billing pulled out a thick file. This was new.
"You're last case," He stammered on, "Was in the out skirts of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Tell me what happened there."

"Ok, I'll talk. Where to begin?" I asked myself aloud.

"Tell me first about your connections to the PHA (Paranormal Hunting Agency). Then tell me about the mission briefing, finish up with what happened on that mission."

"My connections with them are pretty big."
"I understand that. They know more about you than any agent in the place. How is that possible? I asked myself that all the time. They pick at random? Correct?"
"Yes. They do pick at random."
"So how do they know so much about you? Please tell me."

"There's only one reason they know so much about me. On one of their earlier missions, a creature killed both my parents. An agent was allowed to take me into the base. They didn't want me out there alone. I could become a monstrous killing machine that they couldn't stop. That agent raised me like I was her own." I stopped myself; I needed to breath, "When I became of age, I joined the SKT, Specter Killing Taskforce. We had some great missions together. In basic I was chosen as a team leader, so when I and other trainees finished up, I had to pick a team. I took my only three friends and best partners in the game. So, I was ready for anything. Though are first couple of missions weren't a walk in the park, being a SKT agent became a part of life. They'd all tell you that I would work on a case late into the night, get two hours of sleep, and start working again. I still do that most of the time."

"Well, the mission in Philly was meant to be an in out job."

"An 'in out job?'"

"In and out. We were meant to be there a night or two and then leave the place forever. Nothing to fancy. It was in some lay over hotel near a Hilton hotel. Two nights, nothing fancy. So, during the briefing, Commander told us everything about our target. This bastered was crazy. It was sexually assaulting women, and girls, and killing their husbands, boy friends. All that stuff. The total count of deaths was seven people in three days. The guy was losing customers from all these random killings. Commander sent us in looking like a few Military Police finding a place to stay for a day or so. The hotel was a DOD. What ever that meant. The guy gave us two rooms on the forth floor where all the killings had happened. Anna bunked with me. Rob and Jake stayed in the other room. We got there about seven which gave us a few hours to rest. I ate at seven thirty and was in bed by eight. I set my mental clock to get me up at eleven. Those few hours of sleep brought upon some weird dreams. Nothing that had to the mission, and I didn't want to talk about them anyway. I showered and got into uniform as soon as I woke up. I didn't get out of the shower until eleven thirty or some time near there. I came out to hear some weird noises. Anna was moaning. Not in pain, but sexually moaning. I ran into the room to see what was up.

"Anna was backed up to the wall. Her clothing was stripped and laid all over the room. So, I was a tad freaked out about this. Something was playing with her boobs, and trying to rape her. I lower my goggles to see what was up. The Emblem was trying to get her. It stopped toying with her boobs and went for the prize. It began to fuck her hard and fast. She couldn't help to moan. She didn't want to be rapped, but she had no choice in the matter to fight an Emblem unarmed. That would be a crazy stunt. I slowly drew my gun. But something made the Emblem face me. To it, I was either the husband or boy friend. So, I was the target. It came right at me. I dodged the first attack, but I couldn't keep it up all night in a lay over hotel room. I kicked the door out and headed down the hall. My radio crackled to life. 'Falcon, is everything alright?' Rob asked. 'No, the Emblems, after me. Check on Anna, it had tried to rape her before I intercepted it.' 'On it Falcon! Out!' My radio died on me and I continued to run like hell."
"Stop there for a second please. What is an Emblem?" Billing was lost.
"Emblems are creatures similar to ghost but much more violent. That thing in the first Ghost Busters was more of an Emblem than a ghost. But, Emblems are trapped on Earth and can never be forgive for their sins. So, it's like one of the true demons of Earth."

"Now I understand. Please, go on."

"The Emblem thought it had me at the end of the hall. What it didn't expect was for me to open up fire on it. My bullets sliced through the air and continued on their course. The Emblem dodged most of them but one or two caught it in the upper chest. They didn't do much to it. So, I went with plan B. I lowered my machine gun and opened fire. The Emblem had a harder time dodging thirty bullets in less than a minuet. Most of the clip caught it. Still, the bastered didn't go down. It was like this thing was never going to die. But we kept on fighting, one of us had to die, and I was going to make sure it was the Emblem. Plan A and plan B had both failed, the Emblem was still standing. I couldn't fight it forever. I'd run out of ammo or get killed eventually. The Emblem tried a head on fight with me. That plan had also failed. I kicked it hard in the face, and it went down twice as hard. That was my chance to escape for the moment, and reload. I headed back to the room to rest. The Emblem was out for a minuet or two. That was more than enough time for me to get back to my room. Anna was doing fine, and had her armor on by then. Rob and Jake were readying for the up coming fight. I reloaded and told them what just happened.

"I didn't say more than a few sentences when the fighting started up again. Rob was at the doorway ready to fight the bastered. But, he didn't get the chance. The Emblem took his head right off. It rolled on the floor covered in blood. 'Shit!' I screamed. We couldn't believe that Rob was just killed. Me and Jake opened fire on the doorway. Bullets sprayed into the hall. Our firing stopped when our clips ejected from the gun. There were bullet holes all up and down the wall. Our target wasn't in the room, or the hall. Jake ran to the stairs. 'I'll head it off.' He said to me, 'Take the elevator.' I knew what he meant, I was the CO, but I knew what had to be done. So I and Anna headed to the elevator."

"Wait," Billing said, "Reports said that Jake was killed in action."

"I'm getting to that. Anyway, back to what I was saying," I paused again for a breath, "I was no where near the elevator when my radio came back to life.'Falcon, it's on the third floor, I'm going after it.' I didn't want him to do that at first. 'Jake no, that thing killed Rob, wait for us.' My radio crackled a bit before a blood hearting scream came through it. The radio died for a second before coming back to life for the final time. 'Jake's gone, but I really like this body. Hello Falcon. Tell Anna I'm not done with her.' I was startled, and then ran for the stairs. It had taken over Jake's body which was a new trick. I kept running at full speed towards the bastered. Anna was right behind me the enter time we ran. Jake wasn't in the building anymore. He was outside and wreaking havoc. My new orders were to stop him. That was I planed to do. To tell the truth when I got outside, there wasn't any havoc being wreaked. Jake was standing outside the building waiting for me. His gun was raised and he opened up fire on us. Anna dived to the left, and I dived to the right. My gun had a new clip so I didn't need a reload at all. I raised it up and fired. Sixty bullets hit Jake hard. Thirty from me, and thirty from Anna. Our job wasn't done there at all.

"The Emblem literary walked out of Jake's body. The blood socked corps hit the street with a loud clump. The Emblem had a new shape. A much deadlier one. There wasn't much to do but shoot it. When it was dead our mission was finally over. But killing that thing was not easy at all. It was the herders fight I ever had in my life. The Emblem went after Anna this time. I was its final target. Anna pulled her combat knife out and sliced the thing right in the face. A large splash of blood landed on the ground. It continued to go for her. I pulled out my pistol and fired the entire clip again. All fifth teen bullets slammed into it. Damn I hated that thing. I went over to its body hoping it was dead. Still no luck. It lunged right at me. I had a new clip so I shot it in the face. Blood splatter red all over the ground below it. My mission was completed and I was done for the day. "
"Why did you walk away?" Billing asked me.

"I wanted out. I needed to be free. So now I am. What's going on?"

"You wanted to be free?"
"You grow up with the PHA and tell me you wouldn't want out after losing two team members and almost having your best friend being raped by an Emblem. So, I and Anna both walked. Well, Anna did a year later. So, I'm free and I'm proud."
"Like I said we need your help."
"I told you what I know. So leave, I have a few things to get done."

Billing walked away from the room. I had a feeling it would be the last time I ever saw him. So, I needed to be ready for our next encounter, when ever that might be... Something about him wasn't right. What ever it was, it seemed to be calling out to me for help. Billing would either be a friend, or a foe. If he becomes my foe, than he shall die. That's one promise I never broke and never will.