It was a dark night, in the castle I once called home. My feet tip-toed through the never ending hallways. The only sound was the pitter-patter of my boots and wind billowing through the cracks in the walls.

I yawned, for it had been a long night and I knew the morrow would be longer still.

Suddenly I heard a whisper, quiet though it was, I am positive I did not imagine it.

I stopped, turned and flashed my torch in the direction the soft mutter had come from. There was silence. The only movement in the dark was caused by my shaking hand as I held the torch. There were shadows but nothing more.

I continued my journey through the accursed castle, quickening my pace. The whisper, now louder, ventured into my ears. Once again, I am certain it was not my imagination.

I turned around again and shouted into the abyss, "Who goes there?" There was silence.

The shadows seemed to silently laugh at my frightened disposition.

There is nothing to fear, I told myself, there is silence, nothing more.

Despite my thoughts urging me otherwise, my steps grew ever faster.

Once more there was a whisper heard that night. Louder than before, it coaxed me into turning and shouting.

"Who is there?!" I screamed with all my might, "Why are you here and what do you want?!"

Once again my torch indicated the silent, dark, lonely corridor. There was nothing there but cobwebs and shadows.

For the last time, the whisper was heard. It was crisp and clear, menacing and evil in nature. "I want your blood."

My eyes grew wide. I could feel its smile, horrible as it was and I was afraid.

I ran. I ran for my life. When I finally retrieved the handle of my chamber door, it was all but too late.

The door was pulled closed and I turned to run.

However, instead of seeing the lovely, comfortable sight of my bed, as I would have liked to seeā€¦ I saw my last sight as a mortal on this earth.

Two huge laughing blue eyes and a smile that could kill with one bite.