Cut wrists, slit throats

Cut wrists, slit throats

No one will ever know.

Always someone more important,

Someone who really matters

Who are you, sitting in the same old chair?

Who are you, does anyone care?

Time goes by too quickly

Meant for someone else

Angels go to heaven

I go to hell

But the joke's on the devil

I don't care where I go

I'm in his place already

Not even dead

But there nonetheless

Nothing matters

Nothing hurts

I feel nothing

No hate for my enemies

No hurt for my friends

No love for myself

This is why it ends




I go

To face the unknown

When I am gone

My friends will be free

As will my family

Everyone happy

No one sad

Eliminate my nightmares for good

No more counting

No more hateful food

No more talking

No more tablets

Just one final dose


The end.