Chapter One: Mixed

Gabrielle Brenn retrieved her Coke from the snack bar at South Hills Country Club. It was a hot day for the middle of June, but the first day of summer was rapidly approaching. Gabrielle was one of the club's wealthiest members. She lived in a gigantic 6 bedroom villa in East Ludington, Michigan. She had just finished her freshman year at Blue Bay Prep.

She sat on her lounge chair with her oversized Burberry sunglasses on, long brown hair pulled back into a bun. She scanned the pool for any of her friends. She found her best friend, Alex Richie, playing water basketball with his friends. She spotted her other best friend, Miley Davis, yapping away into her teeny black Nokia phone.

Alex, her best friend, she first kissed back when they were in kindergarten. Gabrielle thought of him as one of her closest male friends. He was always the guy who'd catch you when you fell, and he was always there for her through thick and thin.

Gabrielle had her love life on the brain. She had only been single for 2 months, after being dumped by Michael, who was a huge player. So why couldn't she score a summer boyfriend? She was by far one of the most gorgeous girls at the club. She was 5 foot, had brown hair that fell just to her shoulders, and clear pools of blue eyes that you could get lost in just looking at them.

She would really have to think hard, if she wanted to score a summer fling.

Just then, short Miley ran over and plopped down next to her. "Boy scouting?"

"What do you think?"

"Yes! And I know who!"

Gabrielle raised her eyebrows. "Who?"


"Oh no. Not him. Ever."

Miley had a puzzled look on her face. "Then who?"

Gabrielle gave her a blank stare. "Alex. I'm thinking about."

"Hmm, Gabs. I don't know if that would work."

"Why not?" Gabrielle's face lit up.

"Because……" Miley's voice trailed off, reason being couldn't think of an answer to her best friend's question.

Gabrielle didn't even bother to ask. She regretted even bringing it up.

Who wouldn't like Alex? He was cute, had dirty blonde spikey hair, bluish hazel eyes, and perfect teeth. He had just gotten his braces off, and the next day at school, he was the next Brad Pitt. He had a cute personality, and he was sorta hot….

What am I doing? Gabrielle asked her conscious. I didn't have a crush on Alex did I? Gabrielle was starting to creep herself out.