Fifteen Candles

Sometimes The Sweet Comes Early

AN: Yes, 'tis the Luci-chan here. Don't fret; this is not another chappy story. No, this is a birthday fic for one of the most awesome reviewers ever, NekoRinChan. It has her favourite charas (well, not all of them, because I couldn't figure out how to put Emile in here), but it does have Justin Bennet and Chris and Ayden Fresk. I hope you don't mind, Rin, but I made you Chris' cousin… His much younger cousin, since this is when they're adults…

Also, because I would do positively anything for Rin, I made Blender and the Fresks second cousins. That means that Blender is Rin's cousin, and the Fresks are Rin's cousins, but the Fresks and Blender aren't directly cousins. See? Eh, whatever.

FicPress hated me and decided that it was not going to accept this for like, three weeks, and then I got the idea (it was kind of a 'why didn't I think of this sooner?' moment) to simply cut-n-paste the story to an old, exported doc.

Yes, I can be rather simple sometimes…

Anywho, this is (as I said) for Rin, who celebrated her fifteenth birthday on November 21, 2006. Much loves.


"Where are we again?" Justin asked, looking at his husband nervously.

"My baby cousin, Erin's house," Chris said, ringing the bell.

"She's not really our baby cousin, anymore," Ayden pointed out. "This is her fifteenth birthday."

"True," Chris conceded. "We haven't seen her in years though. Not since she was like, this tall." Chris held his hand down at his knee.

"I wasn't that short," a girl's voice says and Chris, Justin, and Ayden all looked at the door. A teenage girl with brown hair and eyes and exceptionally tanned skin was standing at the threshold, grinning at the three of them.

She was wearing a white tee shirt layered over what appeared to be a black long-sleeved fishnet undershirt, blue jeans, and a pair of cons.

"You're still that short," Ayden said in a teasing voice. It was a gross exaggeration, although the girl couldn't have been taller than five-foot-two.

"Oh, this is my husband, Just—" Chris broke off, seeing that the blonde man had shrunken away slightly. Justin picked the worst times to be shy. "—in."

"Hi," Erin said politely. "Hey, do you remember Maverick?" she asked, turning her attention back to Ayden and Chris.

"Maverick…" Chris said, trailing off questioningly.

"Bender? You know, Blender?" Erin said. Chris and Ayden both shook their heads. "Kay then, come in and meet them!" She turned and walked into the house, clearly intending for the men to follow her. They did so and went into the living room, where three teenagers, two boys and a girl, were sitting, chatting casually.

"Hey guys, these are my cousins, Chris and Ayden, and… Chris' husband, Justin, hiding behind him. And this is Blender…" Erin pointed to a tall, thin boy with feathered brown hair lounging lazily in the armchair closest to the far wall. "His friend, Taylor Nokes." She pointed this time to a muscular-looking guy with blonde hair and tanned skin, sitting on the couch. "And Taylor's girlfriend, Ellery." Erin offered no further elaboration on the girl's name as she pointed to her. Ellery was situated snuggly beside Taylor, her legs tucked half under her so that she was leaning contentedly against his chest.

"Hey," Taylor said while Ellery smiled and nodded in acknowledgement. Blender just stared calculatingly at them. It made Justin shrink back further away from them.

"So sit down," Erin said, motioning to a loveseat and another armchair while she flopped down on the end of the couch beside Taylor and Ellery. Chris and Justin sat cautiously on the loveseat as Ayden took the armchair, seeming completely at ease.

"So Blender, how's Hell?" Ayden asked, shocking Chris and Justin so much that Justin started to laugh out of sheer nerves. Blender glared at him.

"I live in Hell's Kitchen, New York," was the only explanation the brunette offered.


A few hours later and Blender still had not warmed up to them. The rest of them were getting along quite well, though, and even Justin was more at ease. He was actually sad when it was time to go.

"Hey, one last thing before we leave, okay?" Chris asked, disappearing from the house. Erin raised her eyebrows at Justin and Ayden, but they only shrugged. Chris returned after a minute with a large white box, which he sat on the coffee table and opened to reveal a white-and-red birthday cake. "I forgot candles, but maybe you could make a wish and we turn out all the lights or something?" Chris suggested.

Everyone agreed and took their places around the room, preparing to switch off the lamps and overhead light. Erin smiled and closed her eyes the way a small child does when they make a wish before leaning down and pretending to blow out the candles.

All of the lights went out and a few seconds later there was a surprised cry and a roar of laughter. The lights came back on to expose Erin and Blender standing by the table, Blender laughing in a way no one could possibly have thought possible.

Erin, on the other hand, was not laughing. She looked about ready to skin Blender alive.

Her face was covered in yellow cake and sticky, globby icing. She reached up and wiped a bit from her eyes, still glaring at Blender. She moved suddenly and grabbed a huge chunk of cake from the box, hurling it at Blender. She missed though, and in a coincidence that can only truly take place in the movies, the piece of cake hit Ellery smack in the face.

There was a stunned silence for a moment before Ellery opened her eyes and grinned.

"Oh, now it's on," she said, wiping some of the cake off her face and smashing it against Taylor's cheek. She burst out laughing as Taylor looked at her, shocked.

Everything was still for a moment before everyone rushed towards the cake, gabbing some and starting to throw it. Everyone, that is, except Justin. He hid behind Chris, confident that he would be safe there.

Confident, that is, until Chris turned around, grinning evilly, and smashed the cake into his husband's face.


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