"Gamestop Goddess"


Guitar Heroine, Tifa, and so much more -

She truly deserves her props.

Jackie the fair, friend to us all,

The goddess of Gamestop.

For a sum, she provides us good, legal fun,

But she doesn't leave it there.

Truly a friend to the gamer in need,

You can always tell that she cares.

The most recent store down Radcliff way

She's capably led and maintained.

Her many customers, of whom I am one,

Our business she's always sustained.

Jackie's heart yearns for a journey out west,

Where family will be near.

We all wish her well, but we want her to know

That she'll never be forgotten here.

The goddess of Gamestop will always be loved

By all whom she has impacted,

And I pray the fond memories she has of us

From her mind never be subtracted.

Jackie, thank you for all you have done,

And may life be kind to you.

May success and happiness always be present

In everything that you do.