Bitter Rain

To you - who has bared witness to my shallow youth.
How utterly frigid, crushing, and shattering – you make out reality to be.

Oh, how I curse you - cold, piercing rain.
How you pour down on to me so condescendingly.

I am but a clueless soul - with a clueless passion.
A clueless envy, and an unrequited desire.
I crave - for my heart to beat with purpose.

I want to smile with satisfaction, and laugh in content.
Shout reassuringly - in joy and in bliss.

I desire to drop in pain once more, and stand up again.
Falter at the face of adversity, then try and succeed.

Let me - lower my head in shame, or hold my head high with pride.
I want words to hold true, and promises to have meaning again.

Douse me in truth - bitter rain, and purge me from this void.
Take away this unendurable emptiness and let me breathe in ease again.
Let me live each day of my life in fulfillment once more.

A/N: Originally written on 11/27/06.