Hi to anyone wanting to kill me about my ending! As of sometime this afternoon there is a sequel in the works. Lack of closure bugged me too. See, what happened was I didn't want to kill Kim off, so when, horrified, I realised that was where my biro was taking me, I regained control and invented an open-ending that annoys me greatly, but yet less than the nice romantic 'and they all lived happily ever after' that the huge part of me itching to hit 'delete' as I typed it up, would have rather written. It will need substantial planning and so is not nearly ready for public consumption, but it is now being processed by the creative part of my brain. I have the workings of a beginning chapter or two but you're not getting any of it until I'm sure it won't go tits-up ('scuse the language) on me. Given that I'm now working as galley slave..sorry.. waitress, most of my free time is spent sleeping, so it'll be a while in the coming. Working title: Cats' Eyes though that may well change.

Summary at the moment:

Zach Prentice - 24, rookie investigative journalist, blind, but that bit's not new. He's got himself a stalker, but who is she exactly? And what's with all the dead cats? Again. Blast from the past, or deadly confidence trick? Surely Felix doesn't walk again?

Ideas/wants/demands welcome.

Take care,