little dream.

there were times I wanted to leave it all behind

so many times I didn't understand completely

my feelings were just mine

because I didn't have valor

the only thing that shined on my hands

it was my little dream

like a firefly I gave you it

to be the light at the end of your tunel.

don't be grateful with me

what I have done for you

it's just love

don't love me back

what I have done for you

it's just love.

(and I wait nothing but keep on loving you)

the little dream of mine

it was as simple as living

the little dream that shined

it came true for a while

I miss to feel the eternity

when the question had answer

you were my eternity

(a little dream of us)

slept, I dreamed of you always by my side

I hold myself tight

thinking of your arms surround me

my heart throbs painfully

the only thing I wished you to be real

so I didn't want to give up the bed

and take a look in the mirror

to be honest, you were never...

don't smile to me

don't try to amend mistakes

if everything was happiness

I wouldn't know the meaning of crying

it's too good...


"this is an old bed

I'm with you

I fall on the floor"

tears you once shed for me

they became diamonds

things I needed to say

they weren't heard

please, don't run faraway

'cause I would lose you..

it's the first time

I see snow

falling like a funny dance

for the first time

being lonely is not cool.

I call your name

and silence is the answer

the alley seems more narrow than before.

It's the second time

I hear the bells

from some church

for the second time

I was praying for somebody else...

where are you now?

love is a suspense thrill

that shows us a reason to be

everyday, everynight

we may feel

love is not dead yet.

tears you once shed

they became diamonds

let me keep them in my heart

I don't mind if those

diamonds aren't genuine

(love remains true)