Why Opossums Should Be Saved!

Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the opossum it could be done! When most people hear of opossums they think of one thing; road kill. But what would happen if there were no more? Are opossums in the middle of a road with the car of extinction charging towards them? We need to start saving these helpful and beautiful animals before the collision takes place.

The opossum should be put on the endangered species list because they are technically a threatened species. With humans everywhere, running them over and taking their homes away, the opossums are losing ground in this world. It is no longer safe for opossums to waddle along, trying to reach the forest across the road – and do you know why? Because of us, the humans. Soon too many opossums will have been run over, and too many of their homes cut down or removed, and the opossum will no longer have a place in our growing world. And the ecosystem of the opossum will suffer.

A ecosystem is a community of animals living together. If one goes missing, it can topple the whole ecosystem tower. Opossums not only benefit their ecosystem but they help with cleaning up carrion. In fact, one of the ways that they are often killed is when they are hunting for road kill along highways. Opossums keep down the number of dead animals (along with the disease -infested insects that come will them). Predators of the forests use opossums as a supply of food—With extinct opossums animals like wild dogs will have to find a new source of prey.

If opossums disappeared, what would happen? There would be a gaping hole in the ecosystem, as said above, that nothing else could fill. Opossums aren't harming us now, so why shouldn't we try to help them? They are harmless, and if we lose them another animals is losing them as well. The dogs wouldn't have their prey anymore, and that would hurt them. The other dead animals on the side of the road would no longer be eaten, creating an ugly, smelly, car-jam causing, maggot infested, withering pile of death. That is why we should save opossums. Without them we will lose a valuable member of our world.