"Wait, let me get this straight." Agent Cooper barked. "The Rewind Artist is your father?"

"That's what I said." Kay confirmed as she slumped against one of Jack's filing cabinets.

"Don't you believe her, Cooper?" Jack asked.

"It's not that I don't believe her." Cooper corrected. "I'm just surprised we didn't figure this out earlier. All we need is motive and it's a sure conviction."

Despite the agent's amazing self-confidence, Kay felt he deserved the whole story.

"He wants justice." She blurted, and all three heads turned to face her.

"What?" Office Beckett asked. "Justice for what?"

"My mom." Kay added, as though that explained everything. "Her killer was never found."

No one responded, so Kay took a quick breath before continuing. "The police could never tie the evidence to any one person. The whole thing is probably in some cold case archive."

Looking at Jack, Kay could see the gears starting to creak into motion in his brain. He stepped forward. "He's taking the law into his own hands."

"Exactly. He's trying to bring our attention back to that original case so that we can solve it." Kay explained. She was running on impulse now. All the pieces were clicking together. Unfortunately, one thing made her very uneasy. "The only thing is…how did he find me? We're not in the phone book, and I haven't heard tell of him since I was in high school."

That seemed to stump everyone else too. Still, Kay wasn't surprised when Jack was the one who figured it out.

"The photo studio." He blurted, so excitedly that Kay actually thought he might snap his fingers.

"Farmer, are you off your nut?" Cooper asked, but Jack seemed not to hear him. He rushed over to Kay, who was equally, if not more, stunned.

"Did you ever look through those employment rosters I gave you?" he asked.

Kay shook her head. "I never got the chance."

Jack bolted to his desk, rifling through the pile of folders and notes that threatened to swallow it. He finally surfaced with a green folder. He explained as he walked over.

"Maybe your dad had a contact that worked at the studio. Here," He thrust the folder into Kay's hands. "see if a name pops out."
Kay obliged, but Cooper wasn't happy about it.

"That could take hours!" he snapped. "In case you've forgotten, a young woman's life is on the line."

"I haven't forgotten about Peyton, Agent Cooper, and I'm sure Kay hasn't either. But this is our only lead; we have to run with it."

"Our only lead! Farmer, we traced the call! All we have to do is..."

"Holy Lord." Kay breathed, bringing her wide eyes closer to the page.

"See? I told you it would work." Jack probably would have smirked had he not been so proud. "Who'd you find?"

"My uncle." Kay answered.

"What?" Jack asked, barely audible over Agent Cooper's "You've got to be kidding" and Officer Beckett's "Sweet baby Jesus".

"What is this, a flippin' family reunion?" Cooper added.

"Are you sure, Kay?" Jack's voice was calm despite the shock.

"Positive." She pointed out the name to everyone: Nicholas Bryant. "He's not a blood relative; my aunt married him right before Mom died. Still, he raised me. He and my aunt would know more about me than anyone."

"What would bring him here?" Officer Beckett asked.

Kay shrugged. "My aunt died a couple years ago. Maybe my dad's been keeping tabs on the rest of the family and heard about it."

Cooper clapped his hand slowly, as if he pitied Kay for having to think the whole thing through. "Splendid job, Nancy. Now, if you could snap back into reality and remember that we're on a deadline, everything would be just peachy." He stomped off, snatching the notepad that undoubtedly contained the results of the trace on his way by.

"Well," Officer Beckett cleared his throat. "isn't he a pleasant fellow."

"And people wonder why I don't like the Feds." Jack added with a snort.