prisoner of myself


steel bars of my heart

cages me inside

while my wretched mind

tries to set me free


a part of me desires

to stay forever caged

for prison brings me comfort

where none others can


but yet, the other part

is clawing to be set free

it's pounding and thrashing

hoping to break iron bars


it's hopeless, you see

for locked within this cage

i am content with security but—

once set free; i'm never to return


this conflict tears me in two

once i make my choice

never can it be undone;

but on just one—i can't decide


and the more i think;

the further i drift—

for my mind is logic

yet with my heart i feel


but still i struggle

to stay within this cage

though it may suffocate me

i would die without remorse


and so i stay trapped;

caged—but not against

this cell; for i am just

a prisoner of myself