Hands on a Clock

I thumbed through the pages. I was always the ignored one. Tears would not drown my eyes. I was always the ugly one. I opened the page, I was destined to open. I was always the boring one. I looked to the first guy. This is new a beginning… just another way to screw up.

Maybe I was destined to open to this page and look at him. He was pretty gorgeous. This kid looked half Indian and half something or another. He intrigued me. I looked around my dorm to check for other girls in the room… it was completely empty. I wrote his name on my arm, he would be my boyfriend this year. I knew it. Jordan Raju, he seemed perfect.

My alarm clock went off and I grabbed all my books. Why do I always wake up early on Fridays?

I held tight onto my books and finally entered my English class. I sat myself down in the 2nd, center row. I looked around, watching thirty five kids file in. For such a prestigious boarding school they had a lot of kids in one class. I noticed Jordan sit in the fifth row between Alexis Gordon school slut and Jillian Finch school whore. I winced, realizing how stupid my promise was to Danielle. Why did I even take this promise anyway? Was Jordan the king of the sluts?

Mr. Roose walked in gleaming. He was my favorite teacher out of all of them. We never actually did shit. We just read stories and defended each side of the story, usually guys versus girls.

After we read a story of a husband looking at other women perverted-like with his wife around he let us talk. The discussion began.

"So, what do you all think?" Mr. Roose asked. Pure, dead silence, this was normal until Brewster Fenske Jillian's twin male brother piped up. I appreciated that shrunken geek for that.

"I think it's fine for the man to look." He grinned. I didn't appreciate him anymore. What type of idiot was this?!

"No it's not!" I blurted out. The whole class turned to me and I my ears felt so hot. "I mean, the man made a commitment to his wife on their wedding day. When you look, you fantasize. When you fantasize you wish for whatever you may be fantasizing and that indicates you are looking for something else. I don't think there were any loopholes in their vows." I shrunk down in my seat.

"Interesting points Miss Saunders. "Anyone else?" Mr. Roose instigated everything.

"That's bullshit." I heard a deep, manly voice in the back. I turned to see Jordan talking. My heart froze.

"Excuse me Mr. Raju?" Mr. Roose chucked to himself.

"Let a guy look! It's better to do that so he doesn't end up cheating on that girl's ass." Jordan laughed. "If you try and cage a mustang down, it'll try and break free more. It's common sense."

"You make a very good point also Mr. Raju. Still, work on your analogies. Who the hell would cage a mustang down?" Mr. Roose smiled. I was burning with embarrassment. Did he not like me? Or was he just being an arrogant ass? I couldn't have an arrogant ass as my boyfriend! Oh please, like he'd even look at me, let alone go out with me. I sunk lower in my seat.

Class went by way too slowly. I watched the hands on the clock and I swear to good God they weren't moving. Finally, class ended and I ran into the hallway traffic.