After staying up all night a tired and disgruntled John Hiker fell onto his comfy wooden chair padded with Woofer hair. This man otherwise known as Sharpeye for his unbelievable talents with slingshots, pelt-weapons and basically any item that could be used to chuck something at something else, had spent his precious time on writing…! Rather than on beauty sleep. Well he was anything but beautiful. A strong blue line seemed to live under his eyes while his thick messy brown hair splayed out in all directions. It was no wonder he didn't have a girlfriend! Maybe if he just got some sleep once in a while… That would also do wonders for his grumpy mood. But then again that wouldn't make John Hiker, John Hiker.

Young John Hiker or Sharpeye wasn't always locked away from the public eye in his dingy room writing and researching scrolls and books of animals that use to be. But upon the discovery of an animal bone that existed many years ago, Sharpeye became obsessed in how to bring them back. Truth was this region didn't have many creatures living in it. Then again this whole world seemed low on inhabitants. The most dominant form of life was Hyalines which was what Sharpeye was. Then came the odd looking Brackets… A species similar in looks to the Hyalines however much shorter. Also they were unable to generate hair, fur, feathers or anything to keep themselves warm. Luckily the Hyalines best friend the Woofers seemed to grow too much!

Another common species was the Humongous. They were basically described in their name. A huge form of a Hyaline. And almost the opposite to a Bracket in temperament and size. They were also covered in hair from top to bottom and side to side. There were a few other species living in and around the region of Crater Visage, however never in such a vast amount as described in stories or folk-talk. It was said long ago that a terrible event came to past… around the time the Hyaline and the others came to be. However in this terrible event the once rich lively world became depleted of its natural inhabitants.

The Hyalines, Brackets and Humongous have come to accept that they'll have to live off insects (which seemed to be the only creatures plentiful in this world), Swimsa and Spike'ems. However not to John Hiker! He wants a world like the one before his species came to be. And so tireless nights of researching and I daresay hoping to find various ways to bring back what once was. Of course there were ways to bring creatures back from different times… The Starlet Abyss… Although it was much better letting the know-it-all Yews manage that odd creation.

The Yews were basically identical to the Hyalines except for one noticeable difference and one not so noticeable one. Yews were completely blue… yes a blue-skinned race. Another thing was they were unbelievably intellectual. Perhaps too much so. And to the distress and envy of the local village girls, they never gained weight. So this thin, agile and damn-right intelligent race is the most common species in Crater Visage right? Wrong! These different people seemed to have difficulty in being fertile. This has resulted in a small society of these blue-skinned Yews hiding away from the other three forms of intellectual life-forms.

So with the mysterious Starlet Abyss out of the question, Young Sharpeye was still up at night with quill and scroll. During the day however Sharpeye would take a ride in his carriage to the central crater. It was there that he first discovered a large bone of a strange animal. This crater was well named as it was indeed in the middle of Crater Visage. There were a few surrounding craters created by some unknown force, but this central one was the largest and known for secrets and hidden archaeological finds. The basic layout of this region was large craters with villages at the bottom, periphery towns and cities that lay out in the open away from any crevices. John Hiker was from a town named Long Town. A town renown for the stature of its buildings. The motto of his town was why build high or wide when you can just go long?

It neared six in morning and the accumulated red veins in his eyes were making his tear glands work over time. His body was exhausted but his mind was pin-point focussed on his goal… whoever said the mind gives up before the body? Yet even Sharpeye needed his sleep. When he gets home from his excursions in the crater he would sleep for three hours before staying up the whole night. Puffy-eyed our tired and mental-patient-looking Sharpeye arose from his woofer-hair chair and started making himself lunch. Another day another Spike'em sandwich…