Things I love:

Pink sunsets

Waking up to snow outside my window

The smell of bookstores

Kitten fur

The click of my brother's video games

Foreign languages

Music that makes me hum along

That special boy's look

Smiles from strangers

Muted television

Pastures flooded with mist

Opening twist-top chap stick

The hiss of soda

Falling asleep when I'm really tired

Waking up before dawn

Writing 'the end'

Finishing a big report


Kind reviews

Secret notes to me


Thing I hate:

The sound of ripping cotton balls


Running the shower when you aren't in it

People who read books out of order


Broken bones

Yelling babies


Rubbing balloons against my hair

Broken zippers

Teenagers kissing in public

Crude graffiti


Sharp knives that are left out

The dripping of a broken faucet

Walking alone

Freezing mornings with no coat

Wet, tangled, matted, and un-brushed hair

Overuse of makeup


Being abandoned