Chapter 1: Escape


Two thieves getting in trouble… BIG time!

Location: China

, Port of Beijing

Year: Somewhere in the 40s and the 60s

A mysterious man in his 30s was leaning forward on the stone barrier separating the port and the sea. He wore a deep brown coat with golden strips at the ends of his sleeve and the bottom of his coat. It was not buttoned for its job was replaced by a cotton shirt with a slash on his waist. His trousers were black, each tip being strapped by a string adding the rest of his clothes which was socks to his polished, jet black boots.

On his head lay a captain's hat with some maroon feathers to add that extra touch. His brown hair covered half of his face and shoulders. His eyes however were closed in thought. His thoughts were interrupted by the sea itself. The Pacific Ocean's smell relaxed his mind and he sighed gently. Suddenly he heard footsteps coming towards him and slowly rose to his level.

"Do you have the treasure hidden, Intora?" he questioned to his visitor not facing him.

"Yes master, your plan of hiding the chest in a filthy old junk is the perfect hiding place," said the raven haired 20 year old wearing henchman like clothes. "Captain Shinaka would choose that boat to be the last place to find it!" The brown haired captain suddenly turned his head towards Intora, revealing his eyes.

Those were the only physical features that symbolize his flaring evil. His crimson eyes and deep cuts on the corners of one's eye shows he was no laughing matter. Intora shivered slightly at his cold eyes.

"Err…Master Hinataro, when?—"questioned Intora but was disturbed by a low horn. Hinataro faced Intora fully revealing a ship just a kilometer from the port.

"Let us leave and get into the ship" was Captain Hinataro's last words as he walked in his ship. A dozen of henchmen scrambled out the ship and quickly took in the supplies and weapons to the ship. An hour later, the ship blew its last horn and sailed out into the sunset.


The sunrise woke up every seller near the port. Soon the marketplace was filled with customers admiring cosmetics, fruit or designs. It seems every seller was enjoying their business, even the young teen walking through the market.

He was seventeen with a scruffy orange bandana with a letter 'Y' on it. His hair was so dark brown, it could mistakenly be black. The style of his hair was short and curly at his back side and two long uneven streaks coming out of his bandana, reaching his shoulders. The teen's clothes were as dirty as his scarf, probably more: Unbuttoned shirt, rolled up to his elbows showing his bare chest, buckled brown trousers torn by the boy's clumsiness.

He walked pass an apple stall and stopped. He backed up to the stall. The seller was talking to the customer. The brunette took his opportunity and secretly took an apple and hurried off. Sadly, the customer noticed the boy's robbery and told the seller.

"Hey! Come back here with my apple!" screamed the apple seller and ran after him with the customer behind.

"Oops…" said the boy and sweat dropped and suddenly ran off laughing like a maniac. He leaped off a medium fence to the alley and laughed at the furious, red face apple seller. He faced the two trapped people with his almond eyes sparkling and stuck out his tongue and made a face which shows his victory. He turned to ran off but stupidly knocked someone and himself to the ground.

"Groan, that hurts!!" cried the brunette. He looked at the grey haired, eighteen year old rising up and quickly grabbed the boy from the ground.

"No time to chat, we gotta move!!" cried the eighteen year old. The two ran to the main street. Then they noticed an angry mob charging after them.

"THEIF!!!" cried the mob together.

"Oh, hi…again," said the 18 year old. The two cried in fear away from the 'bulls'. They ran all the way to the last building which was on a cliff.

"Let's go this way!" cried the grey-haired boy turning to the curve but the brunette didn't hear and almost went on forward when the 18 year old grabbed his long streaks and tugged the boy towards him.

"This way, idiot!" growled the older boy and groaned when they met a dead-end. The mob followed but was shocked to find the two boys missing. They were about to leave when one of them was hit with a pebble. He looked up and saw the two boys climbing up the last building. With a roar, the mob began to climb as well.

"Oh, great! They found us!" cried the brunette

"Just shut up and climb!!" cried the steel haired boy.

They reached the top but as soon as they reached the edge, all they could see was the sea and rocks. The mob reached the top and rushed towards them. The brunette and the grey haired boys looked at each other with different expressions (scared face for the 17, expressionless for the 18) and both smiled.

They backed up and ran towards the edge, to the skies it may seem. I'm afraid what must come up, must go down. The two avoided the cliffs and rocks and plunged towards the cold sea. Splash! The mob watched for any signs of life.


The crowd gave up searching and went back into the city. The sea was calm for only a minute when bubbles were shown in the sea and the brunette swam up. The grey one followed.

"YEAH!!! That was great! Hey, maybe we could do it again?" said the excited brunette. His response was a hit on his forehead.

"Are you crazy, Yoh-Annu?! We were almost killed!!" cried the older boy angrily.

"I told you call me Yoh…I hate my full name!" cried the brunette as well. "Let's get out of here, and anyway…did you get it?"

The other boy put his hands in his wet pockets and pulled out a gold coin.

"What do you think?" he said grinning

"Kai, what would I do without ya!" cried Yoh and hugged him violently.

"Stop, STOP! I'm drowning!! Kai choked.

The two swam back to the port. When they arrived they looked around. They were in the fishermen's corner of the port.

"Urgh, I hate the smell of fish," moaned Kai.

"Too bad!" sang Yoh

"Whatever, let's go. We're soaking wet," said Kai. He and Yoh walked forward but Yoh froze. Kai recognized this and walked back to Yoh. He was about to ask him what was wrong when Yoh let out a smirk showing his single canine and his eyes sparkled.

Kai groaned. "Oh boy…" he thought

When Yoh acts like that, there's one thing that crosses his mind…Mine!! Kai stared at the boy's direction and sighed. A junk was in front of them. It was filthy and smelled pretty bad but Yoh just stared at it with glee.

"What, you want to steal that too? Sheesh, you're a thief 'bot that's what you are!! " cried Kai.

"Think about it! If we polish it up and give it a name or something, this could be our treasure ship! Keeping our victories!" said Yoh excitedly.

"You mean, 'stuff we stole from people'? Come on! We can't put in that…weird boat!"

"It's a junk, Kai. You've been here for two years and you still don't know my culture?!"

"A junk? Well that explains everything…"

"Their just called like that, future boy!!" shouted Yoh.

Kai went silent. Yoh released what he had done and looked at the ground in shame.

Ever since Kai Hiwatari entered Yoh's time, everything changed.


Kai lives in Futural Japan, in the year 3302. His father was once the best Galaxy commander in Futural Japan. One of his wills was for Kai to permanently be a Galaxy cop and follow his career. Kai's sister, Kei was already a Galaxy cop and was glad he had his job…in fact everybody congratulates his first class success. Everyone but Kai…

Kai hates being a cop because even though everyone sees he's a cool-headed and silent type, Kai always wanted to be an adventurer, to explore a new world, have an exciting life and death experience…instead of being locked up in a police unit, defending his boring people and thefts.

When he couldn't take the pain anymore, he ran away to a place no one would think he could run…to the past.

It was easy, just secretly activate the Galaxy police Time Warp and jump in unnoticed. No-one heard the Time Warp close…

His first encounter in the past was Yoh-Annu Mysurako. He was the exact opposite of Kai. A hyper-active, hot-head teen destined for the money but like Kai's hidden personality, an adventurer. Yoh is an orphan but shows Kai around, teaching him the ways around the town in Beijing. Then he taught him how to become a thief expert like himself. After Kai's lesson, his hidden feelings poured out and got addicted to the hobby. After that, they were the most wanted people in Beijing! Kai's ways for showing his gratitude for Yoh was to teaching him to be a swordsman. Kai learnt this from his grandfather. So Yoh is pretty good with a sword. And pretty close to Kai too…


"Hey, I'm sorry I said that," muttered Yoh "I didn't mean it!"

Kai just walked away from him and waved his hand that meant 'I don't really care'.


In three days, Yoh transformed the fishing boat into a grand traveling ship. With some of the equipment he 'borrowed'. He even took supplies from a nearby ship to add to his junk. And he actually named the junk 'Silver Star'.

"Yoh, you're crazy!" said Kai walking towards Yoh who pack in more supplies he 'borrowed'.

"Hey, at least I've been busy these past days. You've been sitting around calling me crazy all the time!" said Yoh coming out of the junk. Kai reached into his pockets and pulled out an expensive pair of earrings and a diamond ring.

"WOW! I guess you've been busy!" said Yoh impressed.

Then Yoh glanced at the town and froze. His jaw was opened and he tried to say something.

"M-mm-m-m-mob" he whispered.

"What?" said Kai coming closer to Yoh.

"MOB!" cried Yoh-Annu and pushed Kai in the junk.

An angry mob, bigger than the other mob, now with the police, charged towards them, turning into a mad mob now. Kai had really crossed the line stealing that jewelry. Yoh and Kai quickly released the ropes and sheets. The junk slowly sailed away from the port.

"Come on, come on!!" cried Yoh. Some of the mob climbed on the junk and that, my friends was a shocker for the boys. Kai punched citizens that completely entered the ship and hit some of the 99 of them with supply boxes. Yoh steered the junk or 'Sliver Star' to the side and the mob stopped attacking the junk. The boat was too far to attack.

And so the Silver Star sailed for its first time to where the sun sets on the horizon. Night quickly crept in and wasn't seen (which is a good camouflage anyway)

Yoh was still steering the junk. He was about to ask Kai where they were going and paused. Kai was holding a sword but sleeping next to supplies. Yoh watched Kai sleep for some time and smiled. He continued to steer until morning.

End of Chapter 1

Junk: A Chinese fishing boat