Chapter 23: Disturbed by Triangle


Well, I can't think of another title…

Location: Atlantic Ocean

, 130 kilometers away from England

Year: Somewhere in the 40s and the 60s

The stolen ship the trio were in, sailed for 3 weeks in the Atlantic Ocean. When Kei and Michael asked about his sudden faint, he told them he had a weird disease.

"I'm narcoleptic. It's been our disease problem for years in my family," answered Tang. He saw Kei's confused face and sighed disappointedly "It makes me fall asleep in the oddest places…I mean I once blacked out in the public toilet…that wasn't pretty,"

With the map co ordinations Michael found in the navigation room plus the gypsy's map and food supply for a month, the three were as good as ready to look for their brothers near the pacific.

It was the third day since departure. Michael was still in the navigation room, racking his brains using a compass and tweezers. Tang was in the bedroom (he blacked out again) and suddenly woke up in a jolt.

"Aw man! I was having a good lunch too! This curse can really get on my nerves…" thought Tang slowly getting up. Then he noticed Kei sitting on his bed, unaware he had awoken. She was wearing a different nightgown (short strap top and shorts) and her eyes were closed in deep thought.

"What is she thinking about so hard like that? And when did she become so good-looking?" thought Tang. Then he decided to embarrass her (since he's such a pervert). He stroked her thigh to get her attention causing Kei to scream out loud and accidentally fall to the floor with her feet in the air.

"Hey red-head, Whattcha thinking about?" purred Tang. His response was a kick in the chin, thanks to Kei.


"That's for scaring me, you pervert!" cried Kei blushing.

"Hehehe…mission accomplished," thought Tang grinning.

"You didn't answer my question- What were you thinking about?"

"Sigh, it's my brother," Kei said and got up. "I just hope he's okay. What you said about where the Treasure of the pacific is really frightened me," She sat on her bed, looked at her feet for a while.

"What if his ship crashes there? What if one of the booby traps kills him? What if…" she blurted out.

"What if he dies in shock of your talkative mouth?" joked Tang.

"I'm serious, Tang!!" shouts Kei to the laughing teen.

"Hey, call me Ace, okay?" said Tang.

"Why?" growled Kei.

"W-ell, my full name is Tang Diago Trace but my buddies call me Trace. Now I've seen your gorgeous side, call me Ace, okay red-head?"

Kei blushed again and stood up. "Fine, Ace," she mocked and walked out of the room.

"Hey, Kei! Why were you thinking on my bed?!! If you ask me, I think you have a crush on me!!" shouted Tang as loud as he could-so loud, Michael heard it. Michael sighed and continued his researching the map. Then he heard a long clang and a cry and shook his head at those weird two.


Morning arrived quickly and the three had breakfast. Michael explained to them that they were close to the Pacific Ocean so they were on track. Tang had a huge bruise on his forehead thanks again to Kei.

"What kind of bloody hit was that?!" growled Tang. "Definitely not your gorgeous side!!"

"I think staying in England has got into you're head," muttered Kei to herself and sipped her coffee with a half broken cup.

"What was that!?"

"Hey! Calm down, you two!!" said Michael upsettingly. As they continued their lunch, the weather was secretly changing in front of them- the clouds turned into a sand like color and the winds were stronger. Michael noticed it when the sails of their ship was blown harshly.

"That's weird…the wind is suddenly rough," he said and got up to the steering wheel. He suddenly yelped and called the others.

"You should see this!!!" shouts Michael. The two quickly ran towards him and watched his direction in total shock.

Right infront of them was a fog but nothing they've seen before. The darkest cloud was on top of the fog and it was so thick, it looked like they were about to meet a wall of clouds. Thunder crashed and lightening sparked all over the clouds in the sky.

"Wha…what is this?" muttered Tang.

"This sort of weather change…it looks so familiar…Mike! Where are we in the map?" Kei shouts.

"According to our knowledge, we're near Florida and Puerto Rico!!" shouts Michael. The sea was getting heavy as well and the wind was so loud, no one could hear themselves. Kei suddenly ran to Michael's side of the floor and took his map coordinates. The gypsies' map showed a picture of a fog between Florida and Puerto Rico. She took a marker and drew something on it. Forcing herself through the raging ship lurges and wind, she faced Michael and showed him the map. She drew a triangle on it.

"We're in the Bermuda Triangle!!!" Kei screamed

"Bermuda?! But I thought it was a myth!!!" screamed Michael back.

"THIS IS NO TIME FOR HISTORY OR WE WILL!!! GET US OUT OF HERE!!!" screamed Tang. Michael grabbed the steering wheel and tried to move the wheel but it was already too late. The ship was swallowed helplessly into the wall of fog. As soon as they were in, the ship suddenly gained speed.

"What's going on??!!"

"I don't know!!"

"I can't see a thing!!- wait, what that sound…"


End of Chapter 23