Book One of the series

Plot:When best friends fall in love, some 'people' thrive to get noticed and some others hide away with a clique war in the background.

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Pain. Hurt. Confusion. Shock.

Jennifer could feel her heart break -piece by piece- as everything she thought was hers was taken away from her all at once...

His lips were locked with Isabella's...closer, closer, closer, but she was rooted to the spot.

Alex felt her heart drop with shock. Shock and disbelief. Brad...Isabella...Brad...BRAD!!! She felt a rush of emotions all at once, her mind too blurred to decipher them. Brad...Isabella... She felt light headed and dizzy...and confused. Confused why she was surprised, since this wasn't the first time Brad had broken hearts.

Hearts. Did that include hers?

More confusion. More shock. More...more...

Suddenly, her mind was no more hazily confused, as Brad -who had been oblivious to Jennifer and Alex's presence- turned around.

His eyes narrowed with shock, as he looked stunned. Stunned and helpless.


His eyes bore into Alex's, completely blocking out Jennifer, as he froze. Isabella ignored his lack of movement by making up for it but that only made him pull back. Numb. He felt numb.

It took a few more seconds for Jennifer's eyes to fill with tears before she walked out of the room, but Alex didn't move. Something rooted her to the spot, though all she wanted was for the image of Brad and Isabella making out to fade away from her mind.

"Alexandra," she heard Brad whisper, the sound of his voice causing her heart to stop. "Alexandra..."

"Babe, go out with me, will ya?"

"You are a beautiful person, Alexandra."

"Go to the dance with me tomorrow?"

Memories flashed in her mind...memories with Brad...the good times, the laughter, the magic. But in the end, he had to cheat on her. Just as he made her believe in her, he always had to cheat on her.

Thousands of emotions collided as she felt herself going back to square one. Back to when she realized despite all they had, they would never make it.

"Alexandra..." she heard Brad repeat, once again. His tone had a pleading edge to it, like he was begging for another chance.

But my days of Alexandra are long over...

Their second chance was over, it was time for her to move on.

"Goodbye Brad," she finally said, softly, regretfully yet firmly.

She left the room, feeling unexplainably free.

- - -

Downstairs, minutes after Morgana had let everyone in, chaos enveloped the place.

"What are you freaks doing here?" Amy had shrieked at the sight of the many Goths and people from the newspaper staff coming in.

That was all it had taken for the 'party crashing' to begin. Morgana's people took over, pushing every other person out of the way. A Goth boy spilled the entire bowl of punch on the carpet. Another person kicked a table aside, causing the junk food and drinks on top to spill down and the cutlery to break...

Screams. Screeches. Shouts of protest.

"Freaks, get out!" someone yelled, but nobody was listening.

A jock punched the Goth who had spilled the punch, only resulting in the Goth punching him back, harder than ever. Catfights, fist fights, leg fights...

The clique war was in motion, this time brought out into the open. No more posters, no more immature cartoons...instead, it was more like a room filled with chaos, unleashing the rage bottled up inside...

"Why the hell are you guys-"

"Get the hell out of my way, you freakin' Prep."

"Oh, shut up! Why can't you take your grungy head-"

"Why can't you just go run off crying to rich daddy-"

"You just shut the hell-"


"Ow, bitch!"




Insults, punches and shrieks flew in every direction, leaving behind a mixture of pure rage and hatred. Letting out the anger bottled up in their soul didn't lessen the frustration, but only enhanced it.

By the time Jennifer reached the foot of the stairs, all she could see was screaming, fighting and screeching, followed by Amy Laine -who's face was streaked with tears- desperately pleading everyone to stop.

But it wasn't stopping anytime soon.

Not when everything had just started.

- - -

Outside, a road away from Amy's house, Sarah and Dave were walking side by side, oblivious to everything that had happened.

Tired of the 'party scene', the two of them had decided to take a stroll outside. It had been minutes since they had started to walk -side by side- yet neither of them bothered to interrupt the silence.

To Sarah, everything that had happened till now felt unreal. She couldn't believe this was happening...Dave and her were actually on a date. Something she thought would always remain a fantasy.

Weirder still, she didn't even feel happy about it as she was supposed to.

Instead, the emptiness she'd felt ever since Scott had confronted her continued to surface her emotions. Scott. Despite the fact that all she had wanted had come true, why couldn't she get him out of her mind?

" it true that you've had a crush on me...before?" Dave finally interrupted, the hesitation in his tone to sound blunt and break the ice at the same time making Sarah smile slightly.

"Uh, yeah," she admitted, slowly. "Since freshman year, actually. Who told you?"

"Marissa did," Dave answered, grinning. "I kinda had this thing for you since freshman year as well..."

"I know," Sarah said at once. "I mean, I just found out but-"

"Who told you?" Dave asked, frowning slightly.

She coughed.

"Marissa did," she admitted, as they started laughing.

"I knew I shouldn't have told her!" Dave exclaimed, rolling his eyes. "I mean, that girl can barely keep a secret..."

"Yeah, I know," Sarah agreed. "I have no idea why I tell her things anyway."

Dave laughed, as they exchanged a knowing smile.

"I'm sort of glad I told her, though," he admitted, slowly. "I mean, if it weren't for her..."

"...we wouldn't be here...on a date." she finished for him, smiling slightly. "Yeah, I know..."

Yet somehow, the smile didn't reach her eyes. As she couldn't help thinking about Scott. His angry, accusing eyes seemed to flash in her mind every now and then...What was he doing now? The sight of him watching the movie with Melina only made her heart lurch all the more.

She watched Dave's mouth curve into a slight smile, increasing the lump in her throat.

"I still can't believe we're here," he said, voicing his thoughts out loud, as his eyes gleamed with excitement. "I mean, you and me just feels...incredible."

Incredible. That was how she was supposed to feel about Dave and her as well. She had wanted to ask him out since forever, for godssake. So why wasn't she enjoying herself? Why did she have to think about Scott now?

She felt the cool breeze greet her, as Dave's expectant look cut her thoughts short.

"I..." she trailed away, swallowing. " pretty incredible..."

Her words felt fake, fake and totally untrue. Like she had forced that line out, just because she felt obligated to say it. Being with Dave, wearing her best Ralph Lauren dress that had cost her half the money she had made in Cutesy's felt equally fake. Like she wasn't supposed to be here. She was supposed to be at the movies with Scott in a denim skirt and random tee, cracking random jokes and having popcorn fights instead.

She closed her eyes and opened them again, feeling both restless and confused. Who was she? What was she even doing here? What did she even want?

She was only half hearing Dave's rambling as she was too busy figuring out things she knew she'd never get. Especially at the state she was in, when she didn't even know what she wanted. Scott, Dave, who she was, who she appeared to be...there were so many choices she had to make.

But how would she know which one to pick?

You would if you know what you wanted...

But what did she want?

Dave's excited face blurred slightly with the surroundings, as his voice was no more audible...she felt her mind clearing slightly...

All I want, she finally realized, is to break away from everything people assume I show people who I really am...

But how could she do that when she didn't even know who she was?

- - -