I was born in the year 3015, my name is Tani Jackson. Three years after I was born Hell declared war on Earth and everything above. My father went to help to close the gates of Hell and never returned, and so I was raised solely by my mother, Joan, and my older brother, Matt. My mom was a vet and because of the war she was needed. Even though she had never studied the human body she still had medical skills and our troops needed as many doctors as they could get. So she was called away a lot , in truth it was really Matt that raised be because our mother was needed by so many others.

I idolized Matt, he was my shield and sword and once I was old enough I became his cloak and dagger. We looked out for each other when everyone else had given up on us. So many children were being killed by the demons, no one thought we would live and so they abandoned us. I was 7 then, Matt was 10 and our mother had been missing for three months.

We hid in churches and grave yards, any holy place we could find, hoping that the demons would stay away. And if we did come across a demon the two of us would kill it.

I thanked my lucky star every day that demons are solitary creatures, if there had been more that one at a time I don't think we would have survived. Matt and I had to resort to stealing food because no one would help a child any more. The demons had taken over and any one caught helping a human child would be tortured to death.

So matt and I hid in dark allies and grave yards for many years, silently searching for any sign of our parents. We learned to fight and killed as many demons as we could. It wasn't long before the demons began to search for us specifically, they figured out where all their troops were going and soon we weren't safe in even the holiest of places. But I had never thought that we would be betrayed by fellow humans, I had always thought that all humans wanted to kill the demons. I found out the hard way that I was very wrong.

Matt and I were hiding in an old abandoned house, it was long after the war had ended. I was 16 and Matt was 19, we were the only humans that still resisted the demons (or so I thought). It was around noon I think, three men walked into the house while I was asleep upstairs. I was waken by the sound of fighting coming from down stairs so I grabbed my sword and rushed towards the sound. By the time I came into sight the men were dragging my brother out of the door, I wanted to help him but I knew that I would only get myself captured as well. So I stood there and watched the men take my brother away, and I vowed there and then that I would help Matt if it was the last thing I did. The demons had taken my mother and father away from me but they would not keep my brother.

That was the day that I started the greatest journey of my life, and this is my story. Mine is a tale filled with blood, betrail, sabotage, and greed. I warn you now that I will not sugar coat anything, you will get all the details exactly how I remember them so be careful when deciding whether or not to read this. It has begun.