Kale did come back later that day and everyday for a week until Amber agreed to move in with him. We took our few possessions and moved into a large two bedroom suit with him, Amber and I shared a bedroom. Now Carly came to see Kale and I in our suit, it was much more convenient for us because now I didn't have to worry about leaving Amber alone. She spent all of her time with Kale and I, it was beginning to feel like we were a family. I know that I shouldn't have let myself feel this way because it was dangerous to care for anyone, but Amber and Kale were slowly becoming my whole world.

Kale was kind and sweet to both Amber and me, he made us breakfast in bed and played games with Amber whenever he had the chance. At least once a day I would spar with Kale to keep our skills sharp while we waited for our first assignment. I hated sitting around doing nothing but noone would let me do anything. I wasn't allowed to work in the fields or to take a turn on guard, the only thing I could do was teach Amber. Since she was only 8 she was born after the war had started and after all of the schools had been closed. Her mother had always been busy with other things and had never taken the time to teach her anything, so I did it. Matt had always made sure that there was time in the day for my schooling, I was a very well educated girl for my time.

We spent most of our days focused on reading and writing, I had always been interested in the worlds shown to me in books and now I transferred this love for reading into Amber. She could spend hours listening to me read to her or learning to read for herself, and she loved to discuss the worlds we read about. We were both determined to make sure these worlds came true once more, we wanted to experience the peace that was expressed in these books. Even Kale was interested in the calm these characters spoke of and the grassy valleys with flowing water falls.

Kale enjoyed watching me teach Amber or listening to the happiness in my voice as I read to her. When she wasn't with me she was learning how to fight with Kale, who had given her a small dagger of her own. She kept it strapped to her thigh like mine and named it Terror because she like how I called mine Fear. She wanted to do everything like me but I refused to let her carry a sword yet, so she had two wooden swords strapped to her hips and one on her back. The thought of her wandering around with wooden swords strapped to her body still makes me smile to this day, she looked so adorable threatening to cut Kale's head off with them.

Every day Kale and I took a little time for just us. We would go for a walk, or tend to our small garden together leaving Amber with Carly. We had decided that since we would be working together on missions we would need to spend time together and grow to trust each other. It was actually very nice, I hadn't spent so much time with anyone person since I was born, except of course for Matt.

I didn't want to admit it, not even to myself, but I was falling hard for Kale. His sapphire eyes made my stomach queasy, and the sound of his melodious laughter made my heart skip a beat. When he touched me (not in a sexual way) I felt my breath stop, and when he smiled I thought I would faint. He was my first love and I refused to admit it to anyone, especially since I had no friends to talk to.

I spent my days stealing as many moments as possible with Kale or admiring him from afar as he talked to guards and such. I was very sneaky about it though, I would never let anyone catch me starring at him but still I think Carly suspected. Amber, thankfully, was oblivious to all that was going on around her except for her training and her school work. She was a joy to talk to and had even started calling Kale dad.

Everyone at the Haid got used to seeing us together, it was like one of those romance novels I liked to read. There was the emotionally unstable and vulnerable girl who is saved in a way by the big strong man. Now we were more like a happy family then a group of renegades trying to usurp the evil demons. Sometimes I almost forgot why I was there and what we were trying to do, I'd almost feel like a normal person but then I'd think of Matt and I'd remember what I was there for.

Still I liked the feeling of peace that seemed to surround us when we were together, it made me feel good to know that at least Amber was happy. We lived a quiet life together with a routine that gave Amber the stability she had been craving all her life, unfortunately like all good things it couldn't last.

Kale walked up to me early one day, he seemed to be dressed for battle. He wore a leather jerkin over his upper body and just a regular pair of pants on his bottom half. His sword was strapped to his hip and the look on his face frightened me.

"Grab your swords Tani," he almost growled, "the demons are attacking one of the few remaining colonies. Can you shoot a bow?"

"Of course I can shoot a bow," I replied walking into my room to strap my swords to my hips and back.

"Good," Kale grumbled from the other room, "we need an archer on our team."

Suddenly he was behind me though I didn't here the sound of his foot steps. He placed the bow over my shoulder and strapped the quiver to my left thigh, then he helped me strap my dagger to my right thigh.

We both walked quietly to Amber's room looking down upon her as she slept. I looked at Kale silently begging him to let me wake her up to say goodbye, I needed the time to talk to my little girl. He smiled his agreement and walked over to Amber, he shook her shoulder gently and whispered her name.

Amber opened her eyes and looked at us both sleepily.

"Wake up sweetheart," I whispered, "we need to talk to you for a minute."

"What is it mommy?" she said rubbing the sleep out of her eyes

"We have to go away for a while, there are people that are in danger and they need our help."

"You and daddy?"

"Yes angel," Kale answered, "mommy and I have to go help those people. You understand don't you?"

"Yes daddy I understand but where will I go?"

"You'll stay here," he said stroking her hair, "and Carly will stop by to check on you, if you need anything just ask the guards and they'll help you. Now go back to sleep and be a good girl."

"Ok," she yawned laying back down in her bed, "love you mama and daddy."

"Love you too angel," he whispered back. I said nothing because I was so choked up with tears, so I simply ran my hand across her cheek and kissed her forehead.

Kale pulled me out of the room and closed her door softly. He turned to look at me and pulled me into his arms.

"She'll be ok, we won't be gone long."

"I know but I can't stand the thought of her being here all by herself with no one to talk to."

"You know Amber, she'll sit down with a good book and won't even notice that we're gone. She'll be just fine."

"Ok, let's just go. Once we get moving my mind will focus on the mission iunstead."

So without looking back we quietly walked through the door to our suite and told the guards to keep a special eye on Amber while we were gone. We walked out to meet the rest of the troops and started on our way.