A dream come true, or something like that…

If you see the same person in your dreams often, could they possibly be someone real that you haven't met yet? Or someone that you met so long ago that you don't remember? Or even possibly someone you knew in another life.

And if one day when you are out with friends you see that person from your dreams standing across the room, what do you do? Do you just stand there and gawk at them? Or go talk to them? What if they feel like they know you too? Or what if they just think you're a freak? Or would you just consider it a fluke that they look like that dream person and walk away pretending not to see them?

I'll tell you what, when this happened to me I could hardly believe my own eyes. This person actually existed in real life and here I thought he was just a character in my dreams.

And you know what I did when I saw him? I stood there and stared dumbly at him while I tried to figure out the answers to all the questions that I had running through my mind due to his sudden appearance.

When I came out of my trance he was already halfway across the room walking in my direction while looking directly at me, that's when I panicked and ran out of the room. That's right, I fricking ran away! What an idiot.

A/N: This is just a little intro to a story I as thinking about writing. Of course once I get around to writing it all out I will write out the above scene with much more detail. But let me know if this sparks your interest at all so far.