He is known as, Mr. Popularity. He was the kind of guy all the girls fawn over. The kind of guy who didn't even have to try, and somehow he would get straight A's in all of his classes. He was the kind of guy all the other guys looked up to and aspired to be like. Though, not everyone admired him so, there are a select few who despise him. Who secretly loathe the ground he walks on. I happen to be one of those wonderful select few.

Of course, then it's obvious he's a jock. Quarterback of the football team; suprise suprise -notice how I rolled my eyes at this point-. Getting punished wasn't something he had to worry about. He would flash his winning smile, or sometimes apologize with fake remorse, depending on the teacher who is doing the punishing. Poof! Out of it that quickly.

He has these tattoos on his abs. They're tally marks; one for each girl he's dated. I personally don't know how many tally's he has. Other than that, I know a little too much about him for my liking. His life is an open book. Everyone knows everything there is to know about him. Except for one thing: his name.