Wren's Nest
By Simply Shelby

sad olive eyes
& she speaks a different language
like satin emerald ribbons
in her long raven locks

why isn't she home

she's lost in this world
of crowded streets & dirty air
so she hides behind oversized sunglasses
whenever people recognize her beautiful differences

she'd do anything to get back home

no shining armor for this knight
he wears a coffee house apron instead
& serves her bitter green tea
asking if she wants honey or sugar
she only shakes her head—no

it reminds her of home

he shows her this side of the world
in a voice so passionate
she learns that you don't need a language
to truly understand the words
"i love you"

could this young man be her home

an empty space; a dancing space
long after the candles are blown out
held close under star-soaked skies
she understands the
fingertips across her blushing cheeks
his gentle kiss & sweet embrace

she is home