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Chapter 2

It was a little after noon that Tabytha had finished her packing. Finding a sufficient carrying bag proved to be difficult seeing as all of her clothes and personal items were too many to count. There were so many memories that it was hard to choose which to take along and remember. It had seemed like yesterday when she just arrived here…She was just a child, but now—she something else. Something like that of a child, yet, there were times when she felt like more of an elder than they did themselves.

Grown up under a guarded household, the young girl never fully enjoyed the freedoms like the other girls have had. When Tabytha had come to Direw, she was blessed with one friend. All she ever thought of was of what fun things they could do together. They could go running in the field and shout as loud as they want or chase the chickens till they fought back.

However, time—as always—goes by. She would never call after class or try to hide from her. Tabytha's friend grew tired of her and thus left. She just walked away one day.

Tabytha was alone. The very word itself screamed in her ears every time groups of people walked by. No one knew her except as the 'rude and bossy loud mouth'. She remembered those days when she was very much of a brat. However, the slow diminish of her best friend pealed away at her painted on layer. Every time she chipped away at it, the more she saw that she never really belonged.

The more she glanced upon the colors underneath the crusted black paint, the more she wondered why it became increasing difficult to see…

"Good Bye, Mrs. Penelope! Thank you so much…for everything once again." Tabytha smiled at her old teacher, "No problem dear, I couldn't have had a better student enter my house." She patted her rich brown head one last time before she waved goodbye.

The gravel crunched under the young girl's feet as she directed herself to the exit gate of Direw. Turning the corner of the street, she saw a familiar face. Tabytha stared at him for a moment before he saw. She knew him.

"All new seventh generation adults please line up! The scout will be leaving in approximately fifteen minutes!" Tabytha jumped at the announcer's loud voice. He was standing on a platform and towered over all of her fellow piers. Looking down there by his feet, a line had already been formed. Tabytha ran to the back as quickly as she could.

It was a week to Ayar-Crest and no animals to pack their luggage on. She soon regretted taking all of her things. She took a deep sigh as she looked around. The more she looked, the more she thought. All of her classmates were getting a second chance to be somebody new, why couldn't she?

"Alright all of you 7th generations, listen up! We have a tough way ahead of us! There has been talk of the Shallowers for some time. We can't postpone our journey because I don't want to. So, we are going to be traveling during rough times!" The scout appeared from behind the exit gate.

"We will meet the other students from the other towns, but you must be on your best behavior! If anyone goofs off or attracts the Shallowers, I promise I will kill you if they do not!" She gazed over the crowd with a steady glare. "Good, no questions. Let move it."

With that, the entire 7th generations began to walk out into the forest of Dreams. Tabyatha walked steadily in line while peering overhead at the trees. They carried a frightful feeling of beautiful dread. The higher they touched the sky, the more it seemed like they leaned into the crowd of students.

There were no sounds of birds or the noise of insects because they did not exist in Dream Woods. The Shallows ate them and anything else that tries to live in their woods. Tabytha did not take notice when she began to walk slower. Her mind filled with terrible eye witness accounts of loved ones being snatched away into the dark of the forest…

"Umm…are you okay?"

She turned around to find that same boy from earlier. His sky colored eyes looked down at her as he repeated the question. "Are you okay? Are you dehydrated?" He asked her. "No, no I'm not. Thank you though…" she paused for a moment. "You're Richard, right?"

"Yeah, and your Tabytha?" She nodded at his question, "I thought so." He simply stated and walked away. Tabytha stopped walking and thought this rude. "Wait a second!" She called after him while doing her best to keep up with his fast walks. "We were in the Beginning Classes, right? Didn't we used to be friends?" She asked curiously.

"Uh, no. We sat next together in those classes. We…we weren't really friends." Richard answered with a tone of annoyance. "Oh. I thought we were. You were really funny!" Tabytha stated as they both continued to walk the path. "Thanks." His tone was cold.

"Why weren't we friends? I liked you." She replied stepping over a large rock in the ground. "We weren't friends because you creeped me out." He answered honestly to her. "oh." Was all she replied with. Tabytha grew quiet and stared at the floor.

The look on her face was heart wrenching. "I didn't mean like…ugh! I meant to say that you said you had a dream about me dying…that's was creeped me out. It wasn't really you. If you hadn't told me that I'm sure we would've been friends." He reassured her.

Richard was a good young man. He learned to be honest and respectable. However, he was still a jokester when it came to having fun. "Well, I haven't had a dream about you dying ever since." Tabytha answered looking at him. "I should hope not…" he sighed tiredly. "Do you think we can be friends now?"

Richard looked at Tabytha for a moment and thought to himself. After a few moments he looked back up at her with a small smile. "Sure."