A girl in my class died from complications from a car crash on 5 January this year. The entire week has been emotionally draining and sad, but many good things have come from it, and this story is one of them. A few days ago I came up with the idea for this story and decided to start it today, on the day of her burial.

Rest in peace, Crystal
1 June 1989 - 5 January 2007

"Hi, Junie."

I spun around and quickly smiled when I saw who had spoken to me. Elanor Motte raised her hand and waved at me, a little twiddling gesture with her fingers before tucking a piece of red-brown hair behind her ear.

I raised my hand and waved back at her, quickly dropping my hand as her two blond friends who straddled her on each side giggled and whispered something to Ela.

Ela laughed along with her friends but looked up at me again, her glossed lips curled in a sympathetic smile. Back in the less-complicated days of elementary school, the names Junia and Elanor had been inseparable. We had been best friends since the first scary days of kindergarten and our friendship had survived until the last year of middle school.

Ela was always the boisterous one and the one who knew what to say to keep any conversation going. I was the shy one who wasn't a fan of the popular boy bands. We went our separate ways in eighth grade and stayed that way for the most part. She always said hello to me in the hallways or started conversations to ask how I was doing. I wasn't as popular as her other friends and so she never went in too deep when we talked, but she was always friendly, much more than her friends were.

It was only two more months until our graduation from high school and I was ready to get out. College was so much better, everyone told me. You can be who you want and no one will laugh. There are no popular kids and everyone is so accepting. I was ready to leave high school since my junior year.

I was never an outcast. I held onto a steady group of friends who spawned from many different groups, but it was obvious that we were below Ela and her friends, but I didn't care about status. High school had its ups and downs no matter which social group you were in and you were just lucky if you survived.

I strode out into the crowded parking lot, searching for my car. The school day had ended ten minutes ago but the lot was still jammed with cars waiting to get out into the road. I found my own car and unlocked the door and smiled and waved again at Ela who walked in front of my car, surprisingly without any of her friends. She had talked to me that morning during homeroom and had inquired about what college I was going to.

To State, I had told her

"Really? I am, too! They have a good nursing program that I'm interested in," she said.

I had nodded, remembering that she had always wanted to be a nurse, ever since elementary school. She loved helping people and it seemed like the perfect job for her.

I started up the car's engine and put it into gear, driving under ten miles an hour, extremely cautious of the crazy teenagers that were honking at each other, wanting to get out of the lot. My mind wandered from Ela Motte to the radio which blared my favorite song.

The rest of the day carried on normally and I forgot about Ela. Little did I know that was the last time I would see her alive.

Slow start and a prologue-ish chapter. It's not going to be depressing, I swear. It just needs an intro.