The Road

Someone should offer maps

For the road of life

Except I know that would never work

Since everyone's road is different.

I reached the top of a hill

In my road not too long ago

There are some bumpy stretches still,

Some patches still have holes from winter storms,

But for the most part it's smooth strolling.

My road crosses with other travelers

Struggling to make sense of their own roads

Some I meet in passing

And some I travel with for a ways

It's good to walk with other people,

To talk and laugh along the road

They can help you if you trip

And point you in the right direction.

But it's the barren stretches

When everything's dark and empty

The visibility is poor

And it's easy to get lost.

I took a wrong turn there once,

It almost led to my demise

The road was slick with ice,

And I just couldn't navigate it.

Thankfully I met some tour guides

Who showed me a friendlier road

Sometimes I stumble and fall

But I always get up again

And continue walking,

Being more careful of bumps.