In a land of wars and battles and woes

And an endless throng of strong-willed foes,

A fight for control of th'entire land

For rule of the people by iron hand.

The king of ancient Bellrakhon sought

To remove the cause for which all people fought

By dividing the countryside fairly between

The peoples who once believed peace to be dreamed.

The Ruling City was hidden away

To be found by someone worthy one day

Who would govern the land with love and devotion,

Not torture and pillage and cause a commotion.

To locate the palace and all it entailed,

One required a book without which one would fail.

The Book of Ages contained maps and spells

That, how to open the city, would tell.

An age of abundance, the land would observe

If a kind-hearted fair ruler then would serve.

But, if by a cruel heart the crown would be claimed,

The land would then fail, and perish in flame.

Destiny seeks those whose hearts persevere,

And do not give in to life's trivial fears.