The ides of steps are like a revenant hiss

An echoing shade of terra cotta stone

While drawn from the mercy of a clandestine kiss

Beat the hearts of three in that house alone

Sold to the devil for a price of her own.


Their faces dangle like chandeliers

The crystalline covalence of a diamond liar

And the candle wax dripping and falling like tears

Looks on at the fragrance of the haunted boudoir

-- Kept in the secrecy of every hour.


And daylight is lost in the lavender sails

As gained and growing from tempest wind

Peaked from the ebony o'er alabaster veils

Like hordes of gentlemen left rescind

From tempting nights at the hallowed inn.


Crawling to the surface 'neath the full moon's breath

It seems that they spring from a shadowed lair

Caught on a plain for autumnal request

Exhaling like leaves into the maiden's hair

-- Only to adore what was never there.