A Child's Drawing

A child hides under the table

Where she is drawing her family

On a piece of white paper

For show-and-tell tomorrow

Crayons are scattered about

As she hunches over her drawing

Coloring with fierce strokes

Making it more colorful by the second

Like a festival or a rainforest

Using her trusty crayons

Pink, red, blue, green, yellow

Even the ones with long, strange names

That she can't spell

Like Purple Mountain's Majesty

And Robin's Egg Blue

And Razzle Dazzle Rose

Finally, her drawing is finished

And she inspects her work

Most carefully and expertly:

Herself with her teddy bear

Her little brother and her older one

And her mother all in one house

Her father is alone in another house

But everyone is smiling

Author's note: Purple Mountain's Majesty, Robin's Egg Blue, and Razzle Dazzle Rose are all names of Crayola crayons.