by: trista groulx

How do you describe, with only your words,
the man who ignited your imagination?
Always challenging you to another level,
with his strange, silly mind games
For you were far too you to understand,
what exactly he sought to unleash
It was some silly little tit for tat,
or a nonsense note hidden in your book
But he always did it with good reason,
for your pen always wrought revenge
Unleashing in you the potential to be great,
he knew the power of your words
It always was locked deep within,
and he knew exactly where to find the key
He found a new door to your imagination,
he discovered the power of your pen
How do describe with only your words,
how it feels to lose the man who freed your talent?
Done with those strange, silly mind games,
his almost childish tit for tat
From there your words will always flow,
it was his inspiration which made it so
Sadly, now he will never know,
the heights he aspired you to achieve
All because he knew how to set free,
the power of your written words

a/n: dedicated to Gandy, my grandfather, that's what we called him, and i could not think of a better title