Let's talk about love… love… not the just the romantic candle light dinner under the moonless night. Not just the intoxicating feeling of alcohol and romantic music. And definitely it's not about ending up in bed and waking up in the morning. Lucky if he's still there staying up for breakfast and unlucky if you wake up and nobody's there. Love is not just a night of seemingly endless romance. But yes, love is endless. It may start at the sudden rush of emotion, fascinating possibly. And it doesn't end there. The magic doesn't end till the time it's supposed to end comes or it doesn't end at all. It may start at the simple conversations and small smiles yet sincere going unnoticed until the moment you feels it. Then it hits you. For some they would have known it right then and there but for some, they seemed to be still in search yet everything already lies in their path. Love isn't just now; love needs to grow so it needs to be nurtured. It needs to be taken care of so it last not just for the night but for the many nights that may come. But I would admit love may also begin with the candlelight dinner under the moon with the romantic music. Then you'd wake up in the morning and realize that everything is different now. You are not the same person. Now every morning you'd wake up and you're not alone. Not just for breakfast but for the every meal of your life. That is love.