A familiar face

We're the same kind

She was a warrior

And I was a healer

Our paths crossed

When Maya and Wiggle was combined

We met in Atlans

We battled the Kings

We hunted the Bahamuts

A friendly face

She joined me in my journey

She joined in my guild

We became family

Brave and strong she is

She saved me a lot of times

Against the greedy

Against the blood-thirsty

An Elf with the heart of a Knight

I would tell her stories from my world

I would whisper to her my secrets

We would laugh about almost everything

She would hear my cries

She would come for my rescue

We would sit side by side

On the mushrooms in Noria

Watch as the snow fall in Devias

We never had a fight

Agi Elf with an attitude

Others would never understand

But she and I were best friends

We shared a lot of things

Then we shared more than just the things

Soon we shared a heart

She and I became lovers

But not the ordinary

For we were both afraid

We loved each other so

But we never did admit fully

She asked to marry me in February

But I never said yes

I didn't say maybe

All I did say was,

"We're the same kind

Are you sure the people wouldn't mind?"

We both turned quiet

And without a word went separate ways

Though we are still the best of friends

I fell in love with a real Knight