Raw Meat

Ignorance Struggled to pull me to the floor,

Where I would be forever silent, standing on all fours.

I tried to call out,

But I had forgotten all about

The sounds that I needed,

Before I was defeated.

Ignorance is a strong master, to be sure.

He is like a sickness, for which there is no cure.

Knowledge is my only hope,

To save me from this downward slope,

But forgotten is the medication,

The one I call Communication.

One dose a day, is all it would have taken,

To gain this knowledge, that I had forsaken.

With no hope left,

I must confess that I wept,

For I knew before He pulled me to the floor,

To be forever silent, standing on all fours,

That I would henceforth eat,

The food my master gave me; this raw, bitter meat.